BSDU student develop UV-E SAFE kit to fight Covid19


Sanitize your belongings in less than a minute BSDU

In spirit of “Jaan Bhi Jahaan  Bhi”, the School of Entrepreneurship Skills at Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) unveils another innovation, the UV E-SAFE KIT.  A sanitation device that sterilizes money, notes, documents, files and many more things that otherwise are impossible to be sanitized through conventional means. The use of ultraviolet ensures that as much as up to 99.9 % of bacteria and pathogens are killed in a minute, its safe and moreover it is portable. Its sleek design makes it easy to be carried around.

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The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has exposed us to the underlying threat of infection transmission through office documents and personal belongings. May it be cell phone, jewellery, laptop or an innocuous appearing letter, all are possible carriers of the pathogens they come in contact. We cannot avoid carrying them and using a sanitizer could be a tricky task. The UV E-SAFE KIT is a solution.

It is useful in all possible sectors like in domestic use, institutions, banking, commercial and industrial. It can easily be installed in wardrobes, boxes, drawers, etc with completely protecting our skin and hand. It promises to kill almost all types of bacteria and viruses. UV rays exposure can be controlled as well. The box has been made using robust CKT design technology which is making it long lasting. Also, it has zero maintenance and hassle free installation.

Prof. Achintya Choudhury, President, BSDU says, “Hearing the name of Corona virus itself has made people conscious by affecting their lives around the world but our student out of their creative mindset believe that cannot stop the virus but they can control the transmission.”

Important Announcement – EasyShiksha has now started Online Internship Program “Ab India Sikhega Ghar Se” during this lockdown.

Washing our hands and face is something that comes naturally to all of us as it’s one of the cheapest, easiest, and most feasible ways to prevent the spread of a virus. We also do keep sanitizing our high-touch surfaces to keep germs away. But what we don’t realize is that all of these hygiene methods can be easily reversed just by grabbing our documents, currencies, keys and other daily essentials. Thus, the need for a UV sterilizer transpires.

Prof. Ravi Kumar Goyal, Principal School of Entrepreneurship Skills said, “United, we will get out of this pandemic. With all this rumbling in the air the innovation of UV E-SAFE KIT is one of the initiatives by our student Mr. K Goutam Kumar, in showing the strength of skilled India by taking care of humanity and fellow feeling among each other. This on-the-go Safe Kit innovation by our student can kill off that plethora of bacteria covering our belongings in a couple of minutes.”

About Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU)

The Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) is a unique skill development university in India that was established in 2016 with a vision to create global excellence in skill development by creating opportunities, space and scope for the development of talents of Indian youth and by making them globally fit. Under the leadership and thought process of Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi and his wife Mrs. Ursula Joshi from Switzerland on the lines of ‘Swiss-Dual-System’ of on the job training and education. BSDU is an education venture under the Rajendra and Ursula Joshi Charitable Trust. The Rajendra and Ursula Joshi (RUJ) Group have invested over Rs.500 crores to establish this university with 36 skill schools by the end of 2022.

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The idea was to bring the Swiss system of skill development to India, thus, the father of modern skill development in India, Dr. Rajendra Joshi and his wife Mrs. Ursula Joshi formed the ‘Rajendra and Ursula Joshi Foundation ‘in 2006 in Wilen, Switzerland and started working in this direction. The objective of BSDU is to support, promote and undertake the advancement of the high quality skill education leading to Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and post–doctoral degrees in the fields of different skills and offer opportunities for research, advancement and dissemination of knowledge.

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