Changing perspectives with Minerva Schools at KGI

Changing perspectives with Minerva Schools at KGI

New Delhi, December 20, 2016: Minerva Schools at KGI, one of the most innovative undergraduate institutions in the world, is all set to make its grand debut in the vast Indian education industry by introducing an avant-garde curriculum for the undergraduate students. This School offers four-year undergraduate degree in five accredited majors: Arts & Humanities, Computational Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Business.

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School students live in seven major cities – San Francisco, London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Hyderabad and Taipei – during their four years of study, developing the nuanced perspective and understanding needed in the modern global economy. At each of these locations, students participate in site-specific programs that push them to apply concepts learned in class to real-world scenarios.
The programming in each city deepens students’ understanding of academic material and reinforces practical skills, while cultivating vital character traits like empathy, resilience, and accountability.

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All classes at Minerva are intimate (with a maximum of 18 students), discussion – based and active learning seminars.

The tuition fee at MSKGI is a fraction of the cost of traditional US universities. Moreover, education at Minerva Schools has been made accessible to all qualified students owing to liberal financial aid packages offered to admitted students based on financial need.

Minerva accepted its first class of 28 undergraduate students in September 2014. In 2015, they enrolled 100 more as freshmen, and this fall accepted their third cohort of 150 students.

Minerva endeavors to create better leaders, smarter innovators, and more informed global citizens. Minerva Schools at KGI is backed by investors like Benchmark Capital, TAL, Zhen Fund, and Learn Capital, and are poised to realize their ambitious vision for the future of higher education.

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Founded in 2012, the Minerva Schools at KGI was established to provide an extraordinary liberal arts and sciences education to top students around the world. It was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Ben Nelson and former Harvard University dean and renowned psychologist, Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn and is supported by a faculty of more than 80 renowned educators from across the world. With headquarters in San Francisco, Minerva’s mission is to equip and empower graduates with the skills and experience for success in the 21st century.

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