Compress PDF – A Must-Have Tool for Teachers

Compress PDF - A Must-Have Tool for Teachers

Nowadays we live in an age of information overload, and educators, who transmit knowledge, know it best. There are many pieces of information, resources, books that need to be put together in order to write a paper, thesis or just to expand and enrich current prudence and education. Compress PDF Luckily, today all kind of data is easily accessible whether on the Internet or in a hard copy form, but is it also smoothly shareable? Not exactly.

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Often those books and materials can be in a form of hefty PDF documents that are usually too large to be sent through email to your colleagues or students. That can be very annoying since we all know how hard is to get the appropriate resource and how important it is to carry on with sharing.

That’s why you probably have some tricks up your sleeve to handle this frustrating situation when you are close to your desktop computer. However, what do you do when you’re at school or university only with your iPad? Do you keep them waiting and later on forget to send your file?

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Now you can deliver them right away with help of a useful app that will reduce the size of that heavy PDF on your iPad. Compress PDF is a free app which will remove the burden of your PDF resources and make them light as a feather. The most important thing is that in spite of shrinkage, the quality of the document will be intact. Besides, here are some other helpful features:

• It’s completely free to use
• Clear design and straightforward to use
• It’s possible to compress Gmail attachments straight from the app
• It’s possible to diminish the size of documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive

Above all, this compression app is highly functional and does what it says in just a couple of seconds on average. You just need to:

• Download Compress PDF
• Select a file you need to make smaller from your iPad or some cloud services
• The document is sent to the powerful servers where the compression takes place. Therefore, this app won’t drain your battery. Once the document is decreased, it goes back to the app. In the end, all the documents are eliminated from the servers immediately

However, nothing is perfect, nor technology is. Sometimes documents can be compressed notably and sometimes just a little bit. This, unfortunately, depends on the quality of the file in question.

All in all, this is a pretty convenient tool to reduce the size of large PDFs and share it via email at once while you’re on the go. Writing papers will be quicker and easier from now on.

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