CM Dr. Raman Singh Call for Focus on Quality Education to Teachers

CM Raman Singh, quality education

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and his govt. has administered more than one lakh educationist to the state. The govt. has done their part here and now it is teachers turn to focus on quality education. He made this call to all the teachers and educationist his govt. has administered. All this was residents in the 35th episode of radio talk called ‘Raman ke Gote’. This radio talk is his own and is done monthly.

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In the first phase, 1.03 lakh teachers will be upgraded, whose services have been completed 8 years on July 1, 2018. After this, the teachers who completed 8 years in the next order will also be educated in the future.

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Further speaking for farmers, Chief Minister said that under Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme 14.60 lakh farmers of state were covered in year 2017-18, and Rs 1,294 crore was paid against the insurance claim. It is against the premium deposit of only Rs 359 crore. He intimated the listeners that 1500 mobile towers will be installed in state at the cost of Rs 450 crore under Sanchar Kranti Yojana to provide benefit of digital connectivity to people of rural areas.

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