What is CSS & How does It work? Advantage of CSS Online Tutorial


What is CSS & How does it work? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used for process style, layouts, and spacing separate for the content which is going to style. It is stored in the form of external file. HTML provides only the structure of web document. CSS is the method of styling that document such as page layouts, colors, fonts, etc. Students who have an interest in coding, CSS Online Tutorial will be helpful for them because styling is an important part of the App Designing Industry.

There are three types of CSS such as

01. Inline CSS
02. Internal or Embedded CSS
03. External CSS

Inline CSS: In this type of CSS, Element consists of CCS property attached along with the same documents. In a simple word, we add styling code along with structure code in the same document is known as Inline CSS.

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Internal or Embedded CSS: This style of CSS should be used when we need to style a single document uniquely. In this style of CSS, Style code should be written in the head section of HTML Document and structure code will be written after that. CSS Online Tutorial will help you to understand CSS coding with examples as well as by videos.

External CSS: In this type of CSS, the Styling code should be created separately and linked with the HTML document. CSS Code should be prepared with the help of tag attributes. External CSS consists of two separate files such as one for Structure and other of CSS Styling code.

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Advantages of CSS Online Tutorial.

Studying theoretical about CSS is not sufficient for coding. It only develops your knowledge but your skills remain unpolished. For polishing your skills you need to do practice which enhances your skills and develops perfection in your work. CSS Online Tutorial will explain all three types of CSS coding with example and give you an assignment for polishing your knowledge. Easyshiksha is a place that offers CSS Online Courses. They provide you an assignment, videos, quiz, and certificate for CSS Online Tutorial.

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