Creative Crusader launches social platform ‘Instafeed’


An application to empower citizens of India social platform

A concept of free speech with the freedom of being anonymous

A community driven space for curating quality

Instafeed application is now available for download on Android and IOS Application store

New Delhi, 29th February 2020: Creative Crusader Pvt. Ltd. launched social platform ‘Instafeed’ today. The Instafeed application is committed to the sustainability of trustworthy journalism around the world. It is founded on the principle that a free press is essential to a fair and just society, and must be supported by the public it serves. It supports this mission via journalism innovation; advocacy for standards of journalism ethics; community-building among publishers and their public; and educational programming for newsrooms. The application is now available for download on Android & IOS Application store.

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Talking about the concept of the application, Mr. Raj Bhatia, Founder, Instafeed said: “Instafeed is a citizen-owned network dedicated to creating, sharing and supporting ethical journalism and it is meant to support the current existing news agencies. With this application we are giving a full commitment towards the sustainability of honest journalism PAN India.”

The application provides a platform where citizens are free to express what they believe in and, can discuss their talent, their opinion about society, and the challenges they face daily. Being the second-most populous country and fastest-growing economy, India is partaking close to 10 million news per day as there are good, bad, ugly things happening in the country but possibly all cannot be covered by any Media or Newspaper for reasons of commercial gain or unavailability of space. To help in such a situation, Instafeed has come up with a solution where citizens can feed their news instantly and provide power in the hands of Citizens to become a journalist.

The Instafeed application has 2 major categories:

  • Citizen– A whiteboard for users to connect with people with hyper-local news & enhance their skills
  • SuperStar– An influencer sharing his/her experience & knowledge to educate & empower citizens while ensuring his/her own identity

Apart from these categories, Instafeed also provides a special section called “SELL HERE”. It provides an exclusive segment for trading content by journalists & youth to showcase their skills to the world.

Talking about a major issue currently prevailing in the society Mr. Bhatia further added “Spreading of fake news has reached a new height in 2019 with every major event, from the general elections and Pulwama attacks to the scrapping of Article 370 and the ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, triggering extensive distribution of misinformation across social media platforms. We are launching Instafeed Application to empower the citizens to believe in the authenticity of the news. We are also looking to introduce more features like fact-checking in multiple languages etc.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exclusive Features

Instafeed enables & empowers to activate the “ANONYMOUS” feature to every post, where the user wishes to voice their concern but do not wish to disclose their identity, however, the backend data is encrypted by AI. More than that, application believes in the authenticity of news with facts which hops eliminating fake news & debunking misinformation. Currently, in the world, missiles & bombs have taken back seat. Fake content is the most dangerous weapon today. By using pervaded geographical locations and real time stamp while using the app camera, ensures the incident is recorded on the same spot. Therefore, users cannot forward or upload any existing news.

In case, if any content reported fake or inappropriate, the data miner team of Instafeed establishes the facts and forbid the user to upload any further content till that time.

About Instafeed

Instafeed is a social platform established by a renowned entrepreneur Mr. Raj Bhatia, to let people share their genuine opinions about anything that matters to them. It is an independent organization committed to the sustainability of trustworthy journalism. It supports journalism on a global level, with a primary focus on technology solutions. The Company is working in support of it, a citizen-owned network dedicated to creating, sharing and supporting ethical journalism. Instafeed is not meant to completely replace existing business models, but rather to enhance them. It is reflected through every touchpoint a customer or prospect may have with any extension of the organization. These experiences must be consistent and create a positive, long-lasting experience.

The Instafeed brand promises to communicate the unique values that distinguishes from the competition. Being a part of renowned group Bony Polymers, Instafeed works as a stand-alone entity spreading awareness & empowerment among citizens thus, the words “empower” and “trust” are the core attributes that truly clarify the foundation of our business.

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