Do Schools Put Too Much Pressure on Kids


Yes, it’s true that school put a lot of pressure on kids. Nowadays everyone wants to come first and no body wants to be the last. Every body just talks of marks and syllabus irrespective of learning things in a better and appropriate way. Children always want to score higher and higher. Even the parents also want their children to be amongst the toppers. For that they spend thousands rupees on their children studies and on their better living conditions so that they can study in better and efficient way. This increases among students a spirit of competition and they sometimes work even more hard to prove themselves.


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Easyshiksha wants to tel you that schools, especially, private schools follow a particular curriculum and a well defined pattern as according to various institutions or boards like CBSE, ICSE, etc. This puts an immense pressure on schools which have to complete the syllabus on time, and ultimately leading to undue pressure on children.

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This sometimes create a negative impact on children because they make themselves so busy that they forget other important things in life like playing, reading other journals and books.

Children today are always seen learning for their tests, doing assignments and homework and only those tasks which their teachers give to them. This makes their life really hectic and they are so much miserable that they can’t do any other work. Nor they can watch educational TV channels such as discovery, national geographical etc. because they don’t have time for anything.

Not just this, children never enjoy their summer and winter vacations because they are always provided with huge amount of homework and assignments for the vacations. The homework is though knowledgeable but side by side time consuming also because kids are not able to enjoy their vacations because they have so much work to do .

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“A students life is the toughest life” but their must be some relaxation to it because if they are put into a lot of burden then they can never achieve success. Because this is rightly said that “A too must stretched string is becomes strong up to a certain limit, after that it breaks.” So a student’s life in a same way is very miserable and they must not be so much stretched that it creates negative impacts on them.


The main reason of students committing suicides is this only because some children can’t take pressures put by their school, so they take wrong steps like suicides and some go into drugs and all such harmful activities.

Something should be done for the betterment of school kids like they should be given lesser homework. They should be made to do written work in school only because written work is the only thing which consumes a lot of time. If written work is done in the school itself then the children will only have to do learning work and activities at home. Also children should be always be encouraged to learn, not to cram things. And this cramming of things is the most hectic part for students and this sometimes create a bad impact on them. Hence the school should always encourage children to be ahead in life but not to only work in life. I hope the suggestions given by Easyshiksha are adopted by the schools in order to revitalize a student’s life.

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