Education Sector in India & it’s Changing trends


Education Sector in India is a never-ending sphere, which is growing at a steady speed. Since the time of its establishment, education sector has been given an utmost importance for the growth of the nation and its people. It’s through education only that transmission of tradition and culture, running of politics and economy is made possible. Easyshiksha brings you the changes in trends in education as well as preferences of students in India over the time.

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With a number of educational options existing before the students at present, newer trends are seen to emerge in the field of education that has entirely changed the traditional system of education prevalent in India. In the past, traditional courses like medicine, law and other subjects were considered the top most courses by prospective students,but now times has changed and many career alternatives, which were previously not regarded as important or popular are now among the sought after career options for students.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Among these are radio management, radio jockeying, program anchoring, news anchoring, news reporting, fashion designing, event management, content writing, hospital management, medical transcription and many more that have opened up new vistas for education. Though many traditional courses such as engineering and medicine are still in high demand, yet in keeping with the changing trends at the national and global economic scenario, new educational programs are emerging fast, thereby depicting the deviation from the older trends.

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Not only this, but there also innovative mode of learning courses, like e-learning(which is also supported by Easyshiksha), distance learning, interactive CD ROM, and other modes of learning. Thus, this has helped in teaching students who are sitting far away in rural areas, provides cost-effective courses for students, and makes the students well-versed with the curriculum.

Online Courses with Certification

The widening of courses and the changing trends in education sector has created a broader choice for students to decide their career as per their core interest and aptitude. The benefits of having such unconventional courses are not restricted to students, but are also beneficial .for the colleges, educational bodies, corporate and nation at large.

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