Do’s And Dont’s In A Group Discussion

Group Discussion

Like everything is changing due to technological advancements, also changing the selection face in education and corporate world due to the competitive advancements among students and candidates.

They now, commonly talked about activity of an institution or the corporate world is Group Discussion. Group Discussion, commonly called GD, is a setting consisting of group of individuals with similar interests, gathered to float out ideas, information or comments on a topic given by the panelists. Every member has to speak with gusto while giving others chances to express their views. GDs are conducted to test the oratory skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills of each and every candidate present in the discussion. This is also a way to know the strength and weaknesses of a candidate.

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Group Discussions have emerged as a trend in the field of education especially,during the admission process of students in Business Schools. Management students are expected to have the following skills in order to work in a team or a work setting-

·       Communication Skills
·       Leadership Skills
·       Interpersonal Skills
·       Listening Skills
·       Presentation Skills
·       Tolerance Skills
·       Situation Handling Skills
GDs are used to assess the above mentioned skill that cannot be evaluated in a Personal Interview and that’s why the Group Discussions are held prior to the Personal Interview Round in order to weed out the ineligible candidates.

While appearing for a GD, the candidates must consider these do’s-

Do’s in a Group Discussion:

  • When the group discussion topic is being announced, listen to it and if you do not get the topic properly, just request to repeat the topic. Do not show surprises.
  • Minding the clarity of speech is very important. Speak effectively and efficiently.
  • Give others the chance to participate.
  • Check your tone and maintain correct pitch.
  • Take counter arguments gently and gracefully by displaying good listening skills, project you as a good listener.
  • Stick to the topic and give relevant information.

The Group Discussion rules also contains few things which shouldn’t be done are-

Don’ts in a Group Discussion:

  • Don’t be impulsive with lack of planning and organizing skills. Organize your thoughts before speaking. Don’t initiate the discussion just for the sake of being visible. It might make you visible in a negative way.
  • Don’t be arrogant or overaggressive. This may reflect a negative attitude with poor interpersonal skills.
  • Don’t try to make eye contact with just the panelists but try to cover the entire group.
  • Don’t scream and shout to prove your point as it negates the importance of poise and composure.
  • Do not criticize on any religion at all.
  • Do not get personal with anyone
  • Do not make irrelevant or wrong arguments.

The purpose of any Group Discussion is to know the communication skills, body language, knowledge, presence of mind and creativity/out-of-the-box thinking of the appeared candidates so, try to maintain all of these qualities and no one stop you from acing out a Group Discussion.

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