Dr. Yogesh Dube: The man who visualized the tag of disabled as differently-abled

Dr. Yogesh Dube

New Delhi, 18 Oct 2019: Prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, expressed the word Divyang and authored another significance for it. Divyang is a Hindi word meaning the one with a perfect body. The Prime Minister said that the people with handicaps should never again alluded to as weak people or Viklang. The word Viklang in Hindi is somebody with non-practical body parts. They should now be alluded to as Divyang or Divyangjan.

Or as one of the most powerful researchers of present-day times Stephen Hawking, the wheelchair-bound physicist is absolutely verification of that. “Disability need not be an obstacle to success,” he wrote in the main ever world incapacity report in 2011.

The major challenge includes understanding the concept of disability and acceptance. Nations like India disability is a significant general medical issue particularly in creating. The issue will increment in the future in light of increment in a pattern of non-transmittable infections and change in age structure with an expansion. The issues are diverse in created and creating nations, and recovery measures ought to be focused on agreeing with the requirements of the crippled with network support. In India, a larger part of the impaired dwells in country territories where openness, accessibility, and usage of restoration administrations and its cost-adequacy are the significant issues to be considered. Research on inability trouble, fitting mediation systems and their usage to the present setting in India is a major test.

Disability Awareness:

The greatest hindrances individuals with handicaps experience are other individuals. Incapacity Awareness means instructing individuals concerning handicaps and giving individuals the learning required to complete occupation or errand in this way isolating great practice from the poor. It is never again enough just to realize that inability separation is unlawful.

For example, handicap mindfulness identifies with themes, is an ongoing paper discharged by the council for Disability Awareness that inspects the absence of familiarity with the danger and the budgetary weight that a startling mishap or sickness can have on retirement reserve funds.

·People with hidden disabilities often do not as they belong within the disability community because they are not considered to be “disabled enough” to fit into the group.

·People with hidden disabilities are caught between not being fully accepted as people without disabilities, and not being recognized as having “real” disabilities.

ABOUT Dr. Yogesh Dube :

The man who visualized the tag of the disabled as differently-abled and has helped to shape numerous lives through his immense efforts is none other than Dr. Yogesh Dube. Dr. Yogesh Dube, chosen as the Best Individual Working for the reasons for Persons with Disabilities, by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, to be given the most elevated National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, 2018. He received the honor for his selfless administrations in clarity in recent decades through instruction offices, professional preparing, ability advancement, Openwork for debilitated. He has additionally propelled an Aadhar Linked with divyang cordial Mobile App “Divyang Connect”. Dr. Dube has given help to various Divyangs by method of versatility helps through prosthesis and medications, and helped various government plans, and so on. For the kind of society we live in, it has been experienced that kids suffering through such incapacities are regularly disregarded for their needs and concerns. 

Dr. Yogesh Dube, Awards and Honor:

Dr. Yogesh Dube has also received the National Youth Award from the Government of India. He is the Chairman of Bhartiya Vikas Sansthan, Vice President of the Disable Welfare Trust of India, and the National Vice President, Hindustan Scouts, and Guides. Dr. Dube is an advisor and patron of various organizations. Dr. Dube has been honored by several national and international institutions, societies, trusts, groups, and organizations for his varied contributions for the good of society and the divyangjans.

Genuine joy is extremely conceivable in a “broken” body. Individuals with a handicap adapt such a great amount for the duration of their lives, life exercises that capable individuals once in a while get the opportunity to encounter. Having an incapacity is unquestionably troublesome, but at the same time, it’s perhaps the most extravagant study hall a human can understanding, as well. While these learning encounters are increasingly significant experienced straightforwardly, there are some uncommon tokens of intelligence we can go along.

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