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In the wake of COVID-19 crisis, India is witnessing eLearning boom. All around the world, schools, colleges, educational institutions, are leveraging online learning platforms, thereby continuing the teaching-learning process. Edubull This move has changed the concept of education overnight, and digital learning has emerged as an absolutely necessary resource for education.

Following the e-learning conversation, several ed-tech platforms have emerged in recent times. One such, Edtech firm ‘Edubull’, has been working aggressively to make learning accessible to all, and has been growing steadily since its inception.

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Edubull is India’s largest online learning platform with content for every learner and teaching technology with courses for School, Test Preparation, SkillDevelopment and Job preparation. With a vision to make learning accessible and affordable to all, they are the first in India to roll out a Rs. 999/- model across all age groups. The brand balances multiple needs through learning for all ages with their diverse course offering. The platform offers content access anytime, anywhere on all the devices. The founder and brainchild, Mr. Girish Sharma, envisions a world, where anyone from anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experiences.

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Mr. Girish Sharma is the first-Generation Technology Entrepreneur. He has been in the EdTech Industry for over 25 years. Under his leadership, Edubull has become India’s largest online learning platform in just a year of its establishment.



Edubull faced quite a handful of challenges in their initial days. They launched a unique and affordable learning model, which is very different than the existing eLearning platforms. However, the key challenge was to help consumers understand the differentiation, and also break the mindset that ‘Quality comes only at a price’, with their Rs.999 learning model. Rather than spending on aggressive advertising, they strategized winning trust of the consumers organically, which definitely had its share of trials too.

In the recent turn of events, the pandemic has made it challenging for Institutions, schools, students as well as parents to continue to learning process. But this period will emerge as an opportunity for considerable growth and opportunities for the Ed-tech industry. The transition from traditional to online education has been a work in progress as everyone is trying to adjust to this new way of learning. People are realizing the importance of digitizing and adding digital component to traditional learning methods. It has been particularly strenuous for institutions to manage live classes, provide students with essential notes, and have seamless connectivity. Institutions have had to conduct all of this through several different online platforms for each activity and so to bridge this gap, the firm Edubull has recently rolled out its B2B offering ‘E-professor’, an app that enables education institutions to go online in a rather unified manner. The app facilitates teachers, parents and students with a platform where they can interact and the process being seamless. E-professor being the first ever in India is developed in order to empower institutes and students with impeccable online learning, administrating, teaching and communication tools. Under the app, teachers and institutions, can upload courses, create virtual classrooms for live teaching, share assignments, collect responses, create exams, and track progress/attendance all on one interface. The app blends learning and Live teaching in HD with an integrated virtual classroom, enabling 2-way video and phone call option, whiteboard teaching, screen sharing, chats as well as lecture recording. Designed with individual dashboard; admin, teachers, students, parents, each of them having access to tools to moderate and monitor.

Ed-Tech and Innovation

Innovation and technology have been the pillars of Ed-tech and the past couple years have seen a colossal change in the learning models. Technology has brought about various changes in the way education is being imparted by schools and institutions. The innovations that have been leading the ed-tech industry are AI, ML, VR, AR and MR. AI and ML have played the in enhancing and personalizing education among students. AI is also used in ed-tech to automate key activities such as grading and providing feedback on areas that need improvement.Additionally, with AR and VR into the education framework, the learning experience has experienced a huge change. The e-learning experience has gotten significantly more immersive than conventional and traditional learning techniques. To top it off, introduction to cloud computing has been an imperative innovation for the ed-tech industry, allowing students to access study material be it audio or visual, anytime anywhere.

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Currently, Edubull is also working on developing their proprietary technology with AI and other tools to ensure advanced features for more engaged learning, at suitable price points. Additionally, with their current and upcoming ventures as well as partnerships, they plan to expand into the B2G realm efficiently.Taking the right advantage of the opportunity, Edubull has been working aggressively towards transforming e-learning with interactive models that shall enhance the learning process for institutions and students alike. The brand is further working towards foraying into working with the educational institutions who intend to go online or develop their own model. Moreover, eLearning holds great potential for India even in the future, and it may just end up changing the landscape of Education as we know it, forever.

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