Innovative Examples of Face Masks and Face Shield

Face Masks and Face Shields
Face Masks and Face Shields

Innovative Examples of Face Masks and Face Shield

In today’s blog, I am going to discuss about Innovative Examples of Face Masks and Face Shield. In this covid19 pandamic,  many countries are now demanding that citizens wear face masks when out and about. But be warned, wearing a face mask or face shield is not 100% effective at preventing you from inhaling viral particulate — especially if they have a poor face fit.

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Entrepreneurs are rushing in with their own versions designed for mass production at costs far below market prices, which range from $10 to several hundred dollars. The following two examples progressed from idea to final product in less than a week.They are, however, pretty good at preventing you from spreading the virus, should you come into close proximity with others. It is always best to avoid crowded places as much as possible and ensure that you regularly clean your hands.

Types of face masks includes

 facemasks display customized animated LED messages. These cool face masks have been specially designed to display customized, animated messages. They do this by using integrated LED technology.

A kitchen utensil company has started to churn out silicon reusable face masks to help meet demand. A kitchen utensil company called Get it Right (GIR) has switched part of its production to the creation of reusable silicon face masks. Given the current enormous demand, and short supply, of useful face masks for medical staff, this is a fantastic initiative.

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A boy has invented “Ear Guards” for medical face masks. A boy scout has devised a 3D printable face mask accessory to help medical staff who are wearing them hours on end. Called “Ear Guards,” his invention is open-source and can be printed license free for anyone with a 3D printer.

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