Five reasons why Indian students opt for overseas education


For Indian students, venturing overseas and securing admission into a reputed foreign university continues to be a matter of fulfilment and pride. They have soaring aspirations and the desire to expand their horizons, explore fresh perspectives and philosophies, and achieve exceptional professional success in the international market. This being said, the number of Indian students willing to study abroad has been increasing every year. By 2024, the number of Indian students opting to study abroad courses will reach 1.8 million, as per a report by the leading strategy consulting firm, Redseer Strategy Consultants.

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The unparalleled benefits of pursuing international education ultimately contribute to the hike in students’ interests with each passing day. Let’s look at some major motivators influencing students’ decisions to study abroad.

A robust education system

The education system in countries like the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have distinguishably different ways of teaching and learning. Their curriculum and overall exposure to extracurricular activities are significantly more robust. Study-abroad aspirants can experience a unique aspect of education when they decide to study abroad, as foreign universities focus on the overall development of students rather than just academics. Owing to these aspects, students can flourish not just academically but also by developing their personalities. 

Work opportunities

Besides the quality of education, the number of career opportunities is one of the driving factors that help Indian students decide where they want to study abroad. Usually, international students are allowed to pursue internships and part-time jobs along with their studies. It helps develop knowledge of different cultures, improve problem-solving skills, as well as gain communication skills. Simultaneously, the extensive curriculum at international educational institutes requires students to gain field experience, which not only provides exposure to real-world industry experience but also helps them acquire practical skills. This further unlocks numerous work opportunities at global companies.

Opportunity to study at top universities

Countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, etc., are home to the highest-ranked universities worldwide that attract more diverse student applications. The top universities internationally offer students unparalleled opportunities and exposure to quality education, course options, curriculum, facilities, and diverse cultures.

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A wide array of course options

The plethora of course options is another significant factor that drives students to opt for international education. As colleges and universities abroad have a world-class education system, they have more course options as they keep up with the latest trends. Global colleges and universities have curated several in-demand courses across multiple fields of study, including research options and skill-based training for students. These include parapsychology, energy sustainability in smart cities, golf management studies, eco-technology, comic art, farrier science, etc. 

Exposure to multiculturalism 

The opportunity to experience different cultures is one of the foremost reasons students decide to study abroad. Students from different backgrounds, beliefs, and thought processes help nurture multiculturalism in overseas educational institutions. Furthermore, more universities, colleges, and other educational institutions nowadays ensure that international students get round-the-clock support. This is another factor that makes living easier in a foreign country.

Final words

To sum up, global education is a giant leap. As more students are willing to go abroad for higher studies, leading overseas education, aggregators are also taking action to transform the students’ journey and add value to their overseas education endeavours at every step. These platforms assist students by making their studying abroad experience hassle-free through accessible financing, helping them find suitable accommodation and scholarships.

Authored Article By  Sayantan Biswas, Co – Founder of Unischolars

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