Gaming Industry in India

Gaming Industry in India
Gaming Industry in India

Gaming Industry in India

Gaming Industry in India is booming now a days. We have seen so many children and adults regularly play mobile games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja and the list goes on.

There is huge presence of teens online who are more interested in competitive games like Counter Strike, Dota 2, Team Fortress, Call of Duty etc. So how exactly does the gaming industry in India stack up? If you want to learn Game Devlopment visit Easyshiksha for certifiation courses.

With world’s largest Youth population, India is poised to become one of the world’s leading market in Gaming Sector.

IT and Gaming Industry in India with the growing e-commerce and consumer based solutions in place, the Indian games developers ecosystem will have ample oppourtinities to innovate and provide and cultural context, which is key in engaging the Indian consumer.

Online gaming in Indai was estimated at $6200 crore market with an estimated 300 million gamers.

Why gaming is emerging in India

  • World largest youth population
  • World’s second largest internet population
  • Availabilty of talented and creative minds
  • Huge skill based workforce across India
  • Presence of Gients of IT like Microsoft, Nvidia, UbiSoft, Zynga, Disney
  • World class infracture and advanced technologyIt is an estimation that Indian Mobile gaming market will worth 1.1 billion by 2020.

In October 2019, international eSports team organization Fanatic announced its expansion into indian market by acquiring the Indian PUBG Mobile team XSpark. In January 2020, Fnatic’s Indian PUBG Mobile team moved into a temporary bootcamp in Mumbai.

The founder of eSports is planning his eSports venture COBX Gaming that will invest $10 million to promote eSports in India. COBX will launch an online domestic league, and an international league besides building an Indian team for international eSports championships.

Gaming is a good source of entertainment and a stress relifer too. With the time change teens are now more interested on playing Xbox and Playstation. The VR and AR are changing the experience of gaming day by day. You can learn Gaming and VFX , Animation certification courses through easyshiksha

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