Gear Innovative School, Bengaluru


“The way of thinking at Gear Innovative School is to make Noble and Grand Slam minds, if not Nobel Laureates and Wimbledon Champs.” GEAR Innovative School (subsidiary to CBSE, New Delhi), was founded in 1995 by Dr M Srinivasan under the GEAR Foundation. Following quite a while of involvement as an educator, Dr Srinivasan wanted to establish his very own learning climate, and environment to be very precise where all the youngster’s abilities would be supported and new ideas and innovations are supported, to directly have out of the box solutions and energetic and inspired individuals. His vision for a school was one where kids are delighted during the time spent in learning, every time, and thus work and study happily. This happiness is directly inculcated with the way of thinking is drawn, and inspired to live everyday life. This brings out the capabilities of all the individual youngsters. Dr Srinivasan was inspired by Howard Gothesis of Multiple Intelligence hypothesis (MI), which drove him to seek a Masters in Gifted Education from UCONN, USA. 

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Investigating projects and ventures based on educational programs and newer techniques and formats to elaborate ways and interests of the learners are novel signs of GEAR. The CIPE Education Model and the School Beyond Walls School Model made and continued in the school are authorized by LWF-UNESCO, and thus are helping a lot of students worldwide now.

Each individual has eight distinct kinds of insights as per MI, however at various levels or qualities. These insights include language, coherent numerical curiosity, spatial portrayal, melodic reasoning, the utilization of the body to tackle issues or to make things, comprehension or understanding of others, an understanding of ourselves and comprehension of nature. Since every kid has an alternate and interesting blend of these insights, and thus this shapes the personality of the individual. To get to know someone, the most important aspects to study are how they would interact and thus lives in the world within a society, how to measure data, and learn from various diversions and diverse issues at the same time. Hence the school is completely based on this kind of education.

As Gardner (1991) quoted “Students have various types of psyches and thus they learn, recollect, perform, and comprehend unexpectedly.” 

To address this uniqueness in every youngster, Dr Srinivasan set up GEAR with the MI perspective based structure which is combined with ideas of Gifted Education. Students are instructed to use these insights, for them to get hold of things of their surroundings and then realize the importance of education and what needs to be learnt in actuality. Standard subjects, for example, Math, Science, English and History are instructed with the utilization of theatre, melody, exercises and games. This makes the way toward learning agreeable and at the same time unique and likeable. Thus this sort of school helps in getting better and superior ideas and thoughts to the kid, and the school’s part too. 

As the saying of the school proposes, at GEAR youngsters are urged and inspired to Dream, Dare and Do. The objective at GEAR is to assist youngsters with developing the best form of themselves by urging them to form inventive and innovative thoughts and ideas that can later be used as solutions. This will in turn make free scholars and heads of tomorrow. Each kid is naturally skilled and particularly talented, and it is up to educators, coaches and guardians to support the growing wonders in youngsters in particular.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Admission Process for such kinds of schools has no confirmed set of rules and instructions. Gear Innovative International School offers admissions depending on the age of the students for the Montessori level and the higher classes dependent on the interest of the kid, alongside his/her reasoning profile and assignment responsibility level. The other important features of the GEAR school is: 

  • No selection tests are needed for kids or guardians 
  • One on One meeting with the Principal before admission confirmation
  • For higher classes, the admission is specific and the rights are saved with the head and the final decision is of the head in any case.
  • Online Mode of instructions
  • Utilizations Multiple Intelligence Methodology 
  • Science Labs 
  • Sports Facilities 
  • Transport Facilities 
  • All-rounder and diversified Teaching staff and coaches 
  • Language Activities 
  • Associated to CBSE 
  • Model 
  • Playing Chess is required 
  • Dance 
  • Music 
  • Learning French 
  • Self-assessment and Introspection Mode 
  • No confirmation test 
  • Natural science 
  • Visual Thinking 
  • Yoga 
  • Sports exercise dependent on abilities like perseverance, expecting, introspecting, group building and driving 
  • Cafeteria/Canteen 

For more information, one can visit the official school website at

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