The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal


The Sanskaar Valley School of Bhopal Branch is a private institute and a co-educational body. It is a day boarding school and a prodigy of the Dainik Bhaskar Group and Sharda Devi Charitable Trust – a non-profit established for the memory of our respective patrons. The school is a big brand and influence in society now. The area of the same is spread over the picturesque verdant and green land campus of 40 acres. The area of the premises is so well chosen that it is almost unpolluted, and deviates inspiration and happiness throughout. This directly impacts the learner’s psyche, and calibre to see things. The campus in total has a 2.5 lac square feet built-up area which is highly sufficient for all its requirements and needs what it wants to offer, as a legacy maker.  

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The history of Sanskaar Valley School has an impeccable lineage. It is an extension and product of Bhaskar Group and the Sharda Devi Charitable Trust. It is only set up for the purpose to make the heart of India that is Bhopal the centre of learning. It is built on the land and estate donated by the Bhaskar Group, the leading Media corporation of India. The significance of the school is to strive for the highest level of quality education via all its planned and unplanned offerings for all its students.

The Parent group of the school authority is spread in diverse sectors like power generation, solvent extraction, textiles, real estate and entertainment parks. Some of the features of the school are, which distinguishes it from other contemporaries like

  • Offices and classrooms, new age and technical upfronted 
  • Boarding 
  • Pool 
  • Indoor games 
  • Outside games 
  • Transportation 
  • Feasting area and canteen lobby 
  • Library 
  • Research centres 
  • Medical care centres
  • Music room 
  • Dance room 
  • Sports Authority and facilities like 
  1. Skating 
  2. Swimming 
  3. Badminton 
  4. Table tennis 
  5. Chess 
  6. Squash 
  7. Football 
  8. Cricket 
  9. Soccer 
  10. Tennis 
  11. Basket-ball 

The Core Values of Sanskar Valley School, especially the Bhopal Branch, is to make the individuals prone to growth, by nurturing them in a happy and productive environment; which allows the making of the leaders of the society, for the near future. While also aiming it at being a collection of progressive learning community” All the other major attributes are:

CHILD CENTRIC APPROACH, by making and enabling the students to make their informed decisions, on their own by having responsibility for themselves. The school promotes the communicating and expressing abilities of individuals, through various programmes and curriculum formats, so they can sustain themselves in today’s world. The main thing to be achieved by all the practises is to support them in their evolution mentally and physically, thus having healthy lives.

INNOVATION, the key for today’s dynamic world. New age problems require new-age solutions and that requires an innovative and unique approach. No one can deny the effectiveness and importance of innovation in dynamic times like ours. Creativity is just the imagination of new things or different perspectives of the old things, on the contrary innovation is the process involved in bringing those new ideas and concepts to realization.

MUTUAL RESPECT is the environment and space created for the individuals to grow in a managed and controlled area. The student learns from whatever he is surrounded by and in whatever container or box they are implanted in, and so creating that space for the future leaders is a very big responsibility on the part of the school and all other learning institutions. The environment must promote integrity, trust and respect, for everyone and not just elders, popular icons or wealthy people, but to every human and even to animals in that respect. This in turn helps in the benchmarks of open communication with transparent and honest dialogue which will make a difference and can solve many of the world’s problems. 

The school is affiliated with various kinds of boards to offer a variety of services to all its students as per their choice. Though some of them are compulsory as per the classes, some of them have choices. The affiliations are as follows:

  • ICSE Board
  • Cambridge International Examinations
  • The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)
  • Members of International Schools Association (MISA)
  • Association of International Schools of India (TAISI)
  • Round Square
  • The International Award for Young People (IAYP)
  • AFS (AFS Intercultural Programs)
  • IPSC Board
  • Global Connections Foundation (GCF)
  • School Games Federation of India
  • Microsoft Showcase Schools
  • Future 50 Schools Shaping Success
  • College Board Advanced Placement Program
  • Univariety
  • Young Indians (Yi)
  • I CAN

The present-day requirements of society are the imparting of knowledge and then manifesting it to develop future based resources and technologies with global competitions and problem-solving approaches. The Sanskaar Valley School, educators, faculties and all individuals imparting knowledge are on the journey to promote and engulf the students with such effective and important grooming. This knowledge is shared and taught to create a mutually respected multicultural environment, and develop humane skills in the potential student. The school also emphasizes the moral and cultural sectors of the society or in a very large space the economy. This inculcates the respect and honour of Indian traditions, culture, practises and values. This is the main aim to create the individuals that all their parents aspired to be in terms of characters, personality or core values.

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MS. JYOTI AGARWAL is currently the director of the Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal. She is a visionary and the backbone for the reputed and globally recognized public school. The director has been living up to the expectations and giving remarkable support to society by making such a large difference.  The values of child-centred ethos and developing new standards in the field of education, with regular updation and innovativeness. 

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