Cygnus World School, Vadodara


Cygnus World School is a Vadodra based school in the state of Gujarat. is a new-age, co-educational school with modern academics, and its patterns and formats. The innovative approach and attributes offered inhere like the co-curricular and sports facilities of the school with relevant and appropriate faculty, equipment, technologies is the forte of the school. The area is spread over 7.3 acres of land and the environment has a surrounding with the lush green campus, which is majorly a dream of any individual aiming to learn and outgrow from their surroundings. The Cygnus World School is a model for any school as it is an educational village, with an extended aura and beautiful learning-based surroundings. There are separate blocks for sections of school which are bifurcated as primary, secondary and senior secondary. All the students are divided according to their calibre, age and norms prevalent in the country for educational purposes. 

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All these sections and segregations are self-contained units and they have their own designated and established academic, play and sports areas. Life at Cygnus is enriching and vibrant enough to make it happening and worthwhile for a formative year of learners. The environment is so well established in the greenery and around nature that it fully develops and allows the growth of an individual in all matters at the same time. The underlining of the Cygnus school learning objective is to provide exhilarating and most importantly the joy in learning. The school believes learning to be most rewarding in a community structure to make it more relevant and useful in society by making it lively, cooperative and critical. The students thus inculcate the same values and in addition, become much more curious and innovative in their understanding and approach to life. and fundamentally curious. The school believes all this to be the sole aim and vision, and thus wants to create a community in itself that all its students, teachers, administrators, faculty, staff and parents are part of this endeavour. All the activities and teachings and the environment of the campus and how it is built with its curriculum have been meticulously designed to foster the vision and mission of the founders to achieve stated goals.

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The school wants the students and the learners to be exceedingly happy about the constantly intrigued and challenged curriculum, which will make it progressive enough for the whole of the community. With that, a secure and supportive environment must be the prerequisite for any chance of discovery and innovative ideas. In all these processes, some chance encounters and peer growths will result in making new friends, relationships which are the most important and beautiful segment of one’s life and these imbibe values and create a responsible, and accountable citizens and thus making them good for society and empathetic towards the various ills and problems of society. 

After class 12, the students are so well prepared that they become ready to leave and step out into the real world and be the future torchbearers. The school offers services as the spotlight for India’s calibre and talent and these ambitious and young Indians not just take the central stage globally but lead it, from the forefront with good poise. 

Cygnus World School Goal is to 

  • Set new benchmarks 
  • Translating the vision into reality. 
  • Going the extra step to have respect, professional satisfaction and a conducive environment for teachers so they grow and learn too.

Cygnus World School mission is to:

  • Offer such academic programme for igniting curiosity
  • Enhances the ability to reason and have doubts
  • Developing skills and attitudes for a lifetime
  • Progressive, innovative, updated and integrated with best international practices in the  curriculums  
  • Well-researched activities to evolve students in multiple intelligences 
  • To have a comprehensive and constructive assessment system 
  • Collaborating every unique child with his/her potential 
  • Inform and expand the diverse cultures and traditions of our land, and apt behaviours and patterns. 
  • Also developing an international perspective.
  • Preparing senior school students before their schooling process, dynamic personalities that they can follow further academic study with ease, either in India or abroad.

The school concentrates on the development of overall personalities by detailed and in-depth co-curricular programmes and exercises daily. An appreciation and indulgence in education other than course-related education and studies like via art, music and culture allow peace, balance and sensitivity to one’s mind, while also inspiring and soothing greatly. 

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The school also offers well-planned sports programmes for the passion of that particular sport or physical fitness, instils virtues of discipline, hard work, dedication and team spirit, all in together as a combined package. The creation of the atmosphere for values of bravery, honesty, integrity, humility and self-pride adds to the enriching experiences in the chosen career paths altogether. 

Kanchan Joshi is the current Principal of Cygnus World School. She is a Post Graduate in Chemistry with majors in Organic Chemistry after which she has been a teacher of Chemistry, in the well-recognised daily course-related school of Lucknow. The current position of the school is because of the hard work of the principal and the other staff members of the founding committee and leading positions.

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