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Article Authored By Anushika Jain, Founder & CEO, GlobalShala.

Anushika Jain- Founder and CEO, GlobalShalaMy first job could mark the genesis of GlobalShala right out of college. Then, I had no clear ideas or plans about what to do or where I want to go with my life!  At that time, I had landed an internship at Globally Recruit. And my work saw me promoted to being a Director of Outreach and Engagement in quite a short amount of time. After that, I realised that I could make a change. I can build something, a small step or a maybe a solution, to the problems many students face when they are in a dilemma like me.  I wanted to help them to explore opportunities on where to start in building their curiosity and confidence along with their skills and talents. I wished that no other student should face such puzzlement about the future. I wanted to fill this gap by connecting the students with the opportunities that I wanted in my early stages and started an entire company for it. GlobalShala was founded with four significant aims in mind – first of all, to provide young creators with a platform wherein they can express their thoughts and ideas freely; secondly to provide them with an opportunity to explore the professional world through micro and macro scholarships that would aid them in achieving their goals; thirdly to help them avail their career goals by increasing their exposure to global internships and work experience, and last but not least, to help them develop and grow in their area of interest through experiential learning.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

The main inspiration behind GlobalShala was the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 4: Education and Goal 5: Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment) launched back in 2015. The UN had mapped out 17 global goals that have been established as the “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. While primarily being economic goals, the aim is to achieve sustainable cities, reduced inequalities amongst countries, etc. Our planet is facing a massive crisis in all fields. It includes – health, education, wars, and climate change. We, at GlobalShala, want to put in our part of the effort to ensure that our beloved Earth gets the nurturing and love that it deserves. That is why we decided to focus majorly on the goals four and five, which are education and gender equality, respectively.

We believe that equal access to education and health will resolve 99% of the crises. The reason being it is all a cycle. Equal education will boost literacy rates. More literacy means better living and better health. Better health would make people want to live longer. Moreover, to live longer, we need to work on climate change. To work on climate change, we need to educate everyone equally and efficiently. Therefore, equal education will help build a healthier and sustainable earth.

Keeping in mind the UN SDGs, we, at GlobalShala, were highly motivated to launch the Superhero U competition which captured the essence of the SDGs perfectly while also being in line with our mission of providing individuals with a platform to express, explore, and experience the exposure they would get from global collaborations and opportunities. Superhero U is a unique and first of its kind competition wherein participants have to invent a “Superhero” who, for instance, takes on universal challenges. They strive to make the world a better place. These brave Superheroes will help the world reach the Sustainable Development Goals. The competition is inspired by the UN’s mission, which gives creative powers to heroes. Superhero U aims to tackle the 5 Ps of the SDGs, which includes People, Prosperity, Planet, Partnerships, and Peace. With Superhero U, the participants will get a platform to express themselves, while prizes worth $50,000 will be given in the form of scholarships, as well as internships, Amazon vouchers, etc. This encouragement will allow them to get the exposure and experience they need to advance their career and educational goals.

The youth of today are not only remarkably tech-savvy and researched about what is happening around them; they are also very clear with that they want to achieve in life and how to achieve them. As a generation, it is our responsibility to provide our fellow millennial with equal opportunities to become whatever they aim to be. That is what we, at GlobalShala, stand for. We are working hard to provide everyone around the globe with quality education to ensure that they imbibe all the goodness that the world has to offer and grow up to be individuals who fight against everything wrong in the world, including the thoughtless massacring of our dear Mother Nature. We stand for gender equality and believe that a person’s gender has nothing to do with what they can achieve in their lives. More than 90% of GlobalShala’s workforce comprises of women, and we are incredibly proud to say that we are a primarily female-centric organisation. Superhero U is just the first of GlobalShala’s many future ventures that will focus on not only achieving UN’s SDGs but also to make the world a better, safer, and a sustainable place for the human race to thrive in.

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