Greenland International High School, Banglore


Greenland International High School Banglore based school in the state of Karnataka and is ranked No.1 in schools of the state and No. 2 in schools of India under the category of Best Day Boarding Co-Ed School by School Excellence Awards for 2020-21 session. Greenwood High International School (IB Campus) has been ranked No.3 in Bangalore and Karnataka, and No. 4 in India for the Best International Day Boarding Co-Ed School Category by Education World India School Awards for the year 2020-21. 

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Several other achievements for the schools are mentioned below with some mentions in the top lists of the country and the state:

  • “Positioned No.1 International School by The Times of India” 
  • “Specialized college of the Year”
  • “Top 20 ICSE Schools”
  • “Top 20 Day-cum-Boarding Schools” by Education Today” 

The constructive curriculum and learning format are thus established that it is used in the regular lives of people to impact and celebrate the journeys of life. The Geographical points and coordinates to be exact are: longitude: 77°35’54.26”E (77.598406), scope: 12°58’0.46”N (12.966794). 

The Qualification criteria and age limit to get admission to the various classes of the school are

  • For Nursery: 2 years and 10 months 
  • For Grade 1: Pass in one or the other Kindergarten or comparable levels in Montessori 
  • For any remaining Grades: The previous Grade Passing mark sheets. 

But the admissions will take place only after the student’s grades and scores in the Internal Assessment after the authentic documents are reviewed. 

Some of the feathers in the hat of Greenwood High School 

Consistently making progress the Greenwood High has won different esteemed honours, and awards by India School Merit Awards 2017. The praise and noteworthy commendation for the school is because of its phenomenal nature and attributable learning process. Some of them are:

  • “The Best ICSE School in Bangalore” 
  • “The Best International School in Bangalore” 
  • Authentication of the Health and Safety Rating from Moody’s 

Greenwood High is India’s first school to be licensed with a “Wellbeing and Health Management Systems-18001:2007 Certificate”. It means to help distinguish proof and control dangers and any mishappening or any unfortunate event. 

  • ‘Irritable International ISO 9001:2008 Certification’ 

2012 additionally saw another quill in the cap of Greenwood High. Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) delivered a book on the World’s best school learning practice, for which Greenwood High was one of the best 100 on the planet that has made a special mark over others with their schooling techniques and practices. 

  • 2 World India School Rankings 2020-21 
  • Times Best School Survey 2020 (Bangalore Edition) 
  • Clubs and Societies awards, many a time

The extracurricular activities are immensely popular and successful, that students get to participate in various competitions on various levels, and most probably given a stiff competition to the other contemporaries. Several activities include:

  • Various Club honours  
  • Mechanical technology 
  • Contemporary Dance 
  • Theatre/Drama 
  • Music 
  • Cooking/Baking 
  • Cultivating and Environmental sciences, like plantation drives and greener Earth 
  • Shout out/Public Speaking And Poetry club 
  • Chess 
  • Craftsmanship 
  • MUN 
  • Photography 
  • Coding 
  • Flight Club 

The students of Greenwood High School are known for their high aims as this is the trait efficiently held while reaping and culminating them with their full potential throughout their course at the school. They are also taught to reach higher, and thus many are accepted in Ivy League colleges, with scholarships.  

All the students are very much associated with the motto of ‘Rooted in Knowledge’ and thus every endeavour and activity is soaked in the vision of the school so much that the students get the wings to soar high but remain rooted deeply in knowledge.

The unique features of the school are its freshness in the curriculum, format, activities and approach, with the flexibility of changes overall. Greenland International High School Banglore There is nothing that can not change, on the contrary, the school believes in accepting any constructive solution better than the previous ones if that suits the purpose and character making process of the student. Something which may prove to be fundamental in the developmental process is more than welcome at any stage. 

The keynotes in the education sector are the 

  • Establishment and appraising while acknowledging the curiosity
  • The length and breadth of the study pattern and the actual content
  • Beautiful creativity in arguments and invention
  • Independence of mind and free thinking ability
  • Quality based ambitions
  • Embracing the changes and the formative learnings during the process of schooling for lifelong years 

All these notably create a harmonious relationship between student and teacher which makes everything achievable. The intellectual and cultural encouragement of diversity, culture and certain traits of a character for living in this world and society with respect and content with oneself is the major responsibility underlying the boldly stated goals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Greenland International High School Banglore aims to offer a dynamic environment to each student so s/he is encouraged to work, learn and grow in it. The student must behold the qualities of critical and compassionate thinking, learning detrimental and with full focus be it anything as per interests, contributing to the local and global community as possible of the status etc. Most important is to empathise with other men and women in the country or the world and showing respect to the differences.

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