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One of the most recently established ed-tech companies in India is WhiteHat Jr. It is the leading computer programming learning website for kids to code. It is a platform that associates kids with the top coding instructors. The essentials of coding reasoning, algorithmic, and structure thinking are instructed to the children for imaginative yields. 

The WhiteHat Jr application assists kids with learning PC programming and urges them to make games, animations, applications, and then more creative content. The ed-tech company works with a live one-on-one online learning design and an entirely researched educational program. The subjects range from information structure, application, and game advancement to AI and space innovation.

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WhiteHat Jr’s Founding Story

Karan Bajaj is the founder of this edutech startup WhiteHat Jr. An entrepreneur in the field of technology, he is also the CEO of the organization. Previously an ex-CEO of Discovery Networks India is a top-rated author too. As per education is concerned he has a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. Additionally, he has sought after his graduate degree in Business Administration from The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Before establishing WhiteHat Jr, he worked for organizations like Procter and Gamble, The Boston Consulting Group, and so on. After moving to Mumbai he headed Animal Planet, TLC, and so on. 

The startup excursion of WhiteHat Jr is somewhat extraordinary. It got known to practically all when its parent organization BYJU’S obtained it for $300 million. 

This ed-tech company was established in 2018 and wanted to enable and make kids learn, during their formative years itself. At the point when Karan was moving toward the financial backers to raise a sum, they were shocked as he was pitching without a functioning item. At that point, he disclosed to them that the venture theory had effectively changed from 2015. He began this educational startup to tackle his concern. Karan, as a dad of two children, had his hopes from the specialized world. He needed his little girls to stay at the focal point of innovation creation as opposed to retaining it.

The journey of WhiteHat Jr over the years

Curiously, the name ‘WhiteHat’ is roused by the hacking community, where “white hat” hackers are viewed as ethical hackers who assist organizations with distinguishing frail connections in their computer frameworks. Also, since Karan and his group are focusing on kids, that’s why they added the addition ‘Jr’.

The startup ed-tech has raised a total amount of $11.3 million in funding over the 2 funding rounds.

On September 9, 2019, WhiteHat Jr managed to raise Series A 10 million US Dollars from Nexus Venture Partners, Omidyar Network. That same year, this ed-tech company bagged Rs 90 million in Seed Round from the same investor, Nexus Venture Partners, Omidyar Network. 

After the advent of covid-19, it was unanimously understood in the ed-tech startup community that the business will boom. The experience with WhiteHat Jr is not any different. Before the lockdown started, WhiteHat Jr went from Rs 1 crore to Rs 10 crores in income. Since the lockdown, the worth began multiplying. At the point when the best ed-tech company in India BYJU’S knocked on its door in June, the revenue interest was at $75 million, and when the procurement got finished the rate was at $150 million. At that point in August, the principal month after acquisition, the rate was at $220 million. This way the income of the educational company is developing, and benefits are reaching the masses, with the aim it got started.

The organization presently increases with its women-only educator base in India. WhiteHat Jr has got plans to add more educators and make it 20,000 instructors on its foundation. Presently, it is adding around 220 instructors per day. By and by, the stage is having 7000 instructors. The ceaseless increase base is pointing towards coordinating with the developing base of understudies across nations like India, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.

Improvements over the year

The plan of action of this edutech company is especially on instructing coding to little youngsters. The Edtech startup has now stretched out the understudies evaluations to 1 to the twelfth. The organization targets kids and parents to offer different programming courses for a superior future in this advanced digital climate. The encouraging configuration is a live 1:1 online class. It likewise offers free preliminary classes. It has coordinated the courses in a productive way as per the degree of evaluations where the youngster is considering. The courses are separated into particular courses. 

This Indian ed-tech startup provides knowledge to the youthful rising stars so that it keeps them interested and devoted towards their cause. It has genuinely transformed learning code into an engaging encounter. 

The 1:1 online live encouraging meetings unquestionably prompt beneficial meetings permitting the understudies to ask their questions decisively. Accordingly, empowering them to work upon the course with due determination. 

WhiteHat Jr. outfits the understudies with courses like python training, space coding, Turtle coding, Game designing, and so forth

The Significance of WhiteHat Jr and what makes it different

White Hat Jr is the first-ever organized coding educational curriculum in the world. It’s an educational plan for youngsters who are 6-14 years of age. It’s a live online classroom. There’s an understudy on one side and an instructor on the opposite end. Every meeting runs for 40 minutes. In the initial five minutes, the instructor clarifies the idea. For the rest of the time, the understudy dominates and makes the game. Interactions like these encourage the students to feel included and safe enough so they can let down their guard towards digital transformations. 

WhiteHat Jr’s educational program is well-curated as it propels the understudies to give their closest to perfection by remunerating them for their endeavours and moves the kids to transform their creative mind into reality by furnishing them with challenges like the silicon valley challenge, where the best thoughts persuade an opportunity to be pitched to the financial investors of the Silicon Valley. 

The preparation given by WhiteHat Jr. to youngsters is helping kids in improving their sensible and insightful reasoning and will expand innovativeness and centre – which might all be abilities that might be carried out far past the space of software engineering. 

Around 50,000 students have enlisted across India. Also, they have around 1000 meetings every day. It’s 48 classes that run for around three to six months.

The Goal of WhiteHat Jr

Not consumers, but creators. 

It has involved discussion for a long while now whether kids ought to be instructed coding or not. While only one out of every child may try to turn into a programmer, Karan Bajaj accepts that coding is an expertise that is urgent for each kid to make due in the post-computer revolution era. The founder of this ed-tech company, Bajaj, says that this ed-tech startup of his can assist youngsters with mastering fundamental abilities. WhiteHat Jr expects to enable kids so they see themselves as creators.

We are trying to encourage kids who can use their coding skills constructively to help create things that will make the world a better place,” says Karan. 

If founder Karan Bajaj’s words are any sign, their excellent spotlight is on making customers aware, other than scaling their span and improving the tech stage. 

The difficulties for WhiteHat, says Karan, isn’t anything not the same as what different new businesses face. And yet, he rushes to take note of the fact that they don’t have any immediate rivalry in this space.

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