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Sainik School Ghorakhal, situated close to Nainital was set up on 21 March 1966 on the estate of Nawab of Rampur. The name ‘Ghorakhal’ relates the occasions in 1857 when a British General in an urgent bid to get away from the protesters and revolutionaries of Awadh, wandered into this space and his pony while drinking water from the lake nearby kicked the bucket, subsequently the name Ghora (Horse) Khal (lake). The Ghorakhal estate and property was introduced to General Wheeler in 1870 by the British Rulers. In 1921, the then Nawab of Rampur, Maj Gen, His Highness, Alijah, Amirul Umrah, Nawab, Sir Syed Mohammed Hamid Ali, Khan Bahadur, bought the Estate. After the cancellation of the privy purse system in post-Independent India, the State Government (Uttar Pradesh) bought the Estate from the Nawab of Rampur in March 1964 and later Sainik School Ghorakhal was set up on 21 March 1966. 

Sainik School Nainital intends to deliver the characteristics and expertise of initiative, organization and self-administration in the cadets by giving them a chance to be included in the everyday organization through the sectional framework. The school has set up several such classes in every study hall on the campus to improve proficient education and learning.

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Alongside educational and scholarly exercises, the cadets are exposed to the obligation of the local area living in the school. School skippers and House chiefs are delegated each year to impart a sound contention, and also bringing in leadership and other disciplinary exercises for the newly formed and exposed cadets. They are also adjusted to a set of principles wherein they are expected to maintain nice conduct for the characteristics of decent citizens of Indian origin. Within the school curriculum, the cadets are taught Control, habits and cooperation on the core basic level. Various inter-school and inter-house activities and their appropriate competitions help in these regards and allow the cadets to swear by these principles, and the core values to be inculcated in person. Various lucrative House Shields are awarded to cadets based on their performance in these competitions. This in turn helps the cadets to learn much better. 

The school gives the best foundation to the cadets. It offers various amenities and services like a completely furnished assembly hall with an LCD projector with a capacity of 600 people at a time, a mess which gives both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delight to the inhouse members, a 20-bed clinical and medical room in case of any emergency, its professionally qualified and experienced staff, and full-time nursing aid, 2 exceptional computer labs with modern-day requirements and latest technologies. Also, the sports and extracurricular culture portrayed via indoor and open-air sports fields makes the school a very good option and a diversified space for learning and growing purposes.

Currently, 700 cadets from the Sainik School of Naintaal have joined NDA. Several other graduated classes have joined the IMA, Air Force Academy, OTA, Naval Academy, Coast Guard, Merchant Navy and AFMC. Numerous different cadets have joined the IAS, IPS, IIT, Banking administrations and so forth, and the vast majority of them stand firm in high situations. The Raksha Mantri prize was awarded to Sainik School Ghorakhal for sending the biggest number of cadets to the NDA multiple times regularly.

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The Admissions Criteria to get into the Sainik School only occurs once a year in April for classes 6 and 9. Students have to clear the selection test to be qualified for admissions. Young boys between the age of 10 – 12 and 13 – 15 years are qualified to take the placement test of classes 6 and 9 separately on the first of July 

Though there are certain seats reserved for the students of Uttarakhand precisely 67% seats which also includes the caste-based reservation for SC/ST/Defense classes. The school aims to create an engaging society and environment which prepares the boys academically, physically and psychologically to finally enter the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla or other defence requirements of the country. Also, fight from the forefront to serve India and its people. Hence to serve such a larger purpose, ample opportunities are provided to all its students so they can flourish and get ahead held high positions in all walks of life. The team including the principal, dean, teachers, students and other staff members of the SSGK family firmly believes that learning must not be bound or confined to classroom walls. But these classes are just the discovery outputs that allow the students to have a way of learning but not as the only way. 

The hardcore curriculum and teachings help the individuals to get disciplined in life, after which anything worthwhile can be achieved. So the essential conditions for caring, immense support and base, clear expectations and one-track mind with an established aim, proper guidance extracurricular and up to the mark solutions nurture healthy students and also make their journey of development inspiring enough to get into the minds of fellow country pals.

The main aims and vision of the Sainik School, Nainital are: 

  • To have no regional imbalances amongst the cadets who serve the motherland. Hence no regional cadre for officers of the Defence Forces.
  • To develop the wholesome features in the individual’s life which includes qualities of body and healthy self, good mind and strong and extraordinary characters. It is because these fellow country pals are the future of our land, and they need to take care of our motherland as effectively as we did.  
  • To make the citizens useful enough for the collective tomorrows, we will have.
  • To make public school education available to the reach of the common man, and making education important and necessary for all.
  • To prepare and help any of the cadets who are finding it difficult to have good grades for the NDA selection. And also in addition to other walks of life.

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