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The Mothers International School New Delhi is among the Top 10 Private Schools in South Delhi, The school was founded in 1956 to give a chance to quality learning. The Mothers International School is a co-educational school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board. Students have to give the AISSE (class X) and AISSCE (class XII) Exam in March each year. 

The school helps in broadening the awareness and education of the students that try and help to guide and transform the little individuals in their formative years. As the name suggests, it is based on the learning and comfort of mothers, which cannot be matched in any way possible, but the school tries to impart on the same path. The students thereby learn social living, with a learning atmosphere everywhere broadly, and in global parameters with international competitions. The school imparts elective training curriculum and format, through an extension and an alternative education school of Mirambika. 

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Mirambika and the Mother’s International school work together to work for certain occasions like Mirra Alfassa’s birthday. The schools share similar playgrounds because of geographical proximity. The grounds additionally has a pastry kitchen, iron-work unit, wood-work unit, light making and the hand-tailored paper unit, professional instructional hub, and book shop. The school additionally has a “Pre-Primary Wing” after the end of Mira Nursery, geographically. 

The school has four dialects, and any of them can be chosen by the candidates like English, Hindi, Sanskrit and French. It additionally shows arithmetic, science and social sciences till Class 10. The further 3 streams offered are Science, Commerce and Humanities. 

The Mothers International School (MIS) is one of the private secondary schools in the capital of the country in New Delhi, India. The school follows Sri Aurobindo Education Society, pattern and format from the agency of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and also shares its campus boundaries with it. The school is majorly a Co-ed English-medium institution affiliated with CBSE.

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There are many awards and recognitions on part of the school like

  • In 2001, the school was ranked for “C-Fore Best School Survey” in the list of top 10 schools in India, and best schools in Delhi, as per Outlook
  • Also won News Wiz 2018 Episode 7

As far as history is concerned, the school was initiated and started on 23 April 1956 by founder Shri Surendra Nath Jauhar “Faquir”, with the blessings of The Mother, Mirra Alfassa, a spiritualist, Sri Aurobindo’s collaborator and partner.

The main motto of the school is “More True, Forever More True” as coined by Mirra Alfassa. Every other component of the school like the emblem, format, education, pattern and teachings are inspired by the ashram rules and society of Sri Aurobindo. The school’s emblem portrays a bird that is flying towards heaven and soaring high to all altitudes. The date of founding also has significance in itself and can be quoted as “23456” as on 23 April 1956, in numerical terms.

The school dominantly has three groups of classes like Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary. The current head and governing person, Milan Mala Sarin is the Officiating Principal of the school and manages and coordinates all its functions wholeheartedly and with efficacy.

Affiliations, Recognition, and other Achievement 

  • CBSE affiliated
  • Private institute
  • Indoor Games 
  • Dance Rooms 
  • Recreation centre 
  • Music Rooms 
  • Wellbeing and Medical Checkup 
  • Transportation facilities
  • Jungle gym 
  • Playgrounds and sports infrastructure
  • Scholarly education and knowledge

The Mother’s International School New Delhi offers top-notch learning with the present-day requirements of society. The types of training provided cater to the concepts of the individual and allow them to learn with a wholesome attitude. The school allows admissions from Pre-School to XII. 

The school also offers various financial aims and Scholarship Scheme based on the abilities and merits of the students. Schools offer grants based on meritorious students as per the following classifications. 

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  • Students with financial fragility, or the ones who are unable to pay their dues
  • Legitimacy and National Scholarships by Central and State Govt. 

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