Industry Stalwarts Guide Students at ISBF’s Orientation Ceremony for the new Academic Session


New Delhi, September 02, 2021: The Indian School of Business & Finance (ISBF), one of the five featured teaching institutions of the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE), conducted its 16th Orientation Ceremony on August 28th, 2021. In keeping with the times, the Ceremony was held virtually. and Lecturer of Statistics, LSE, Dr James Abdey, graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. Also present was Mr Amogh Agarwal, Manager FX and Derivative Sales, ICICI Bank, and an alumnus of ISBF, who joined the ceremony as a Special Guest.

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The purpose of the Orientation Ceremony was to introduce and welcome new students and their families to the ISBF community. The event was also a means to familiarize the incoming class with the ethos of being an ISBF student and the role that LSE and University of London play in this ecosystem.

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With over 100+ participants, the Orientation Ceremony featured students, their parents and guardians, all of whom stayed glued to their devices throughout the ceremony, along with senior ISBF stakeholders, faculty and staff including the Chairperson, Director, Dean Academics and the Chief Operating Officer, who were also present.

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Dr Jitin Chadha, Founder & Director, ISBF, while addressing students at the start of the ceremony said, “I would like to thank everyone for coming. You’re the chosen few who have been admitted to the programmes directed by LSE, which has been the college of choice for at least 15 Nobel Laureates and 30 global leaders. ISBF provides you with the opportunity to gain access to globally relevant courses while studying in India.”

Talking about the rich heritage the new students are coming into, he stated, “Coming into a legacy of ISBF graduates who have gone on to pursue further study at the world’s leading institutions, work for eminent firms like Morgan Stanley, McKinsey and others, or carved their niche as entrepreneurs, already put you in a league of achievers.”

The highlight of the Orientation Ceremony was a panel discussion on “Economics, Management, Finance (EMF): An Education for Future”, featuring Dr James Abdey and Mr Amogh Agarwal, who shared their views with the incoming undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students, and were joined by the Mr Chiraag Mehta, Associate Director, ISBF.

Addressing the gathering about the future of students in the fields of EMF, Dr James Abdey opined, “I always say that a degree is not just for three years but very much for life and will be shown on your CV. We regularly do these studies at the London School of Economics about the top skills employers are looking for in the current scenario, such as critical thinking skills which enable students to think out of the box, as whichever career you choose that will be important.”

While sharing his joy at students choosing ISBF as their institution of higher education, Dr Abdey emphasized on the curriculum imparted at ISBF, how each module hones those top skills he mentioned earlier and gave a special mention to the teachers who develop those skills during the 3 years.

Mr Amogh Agarwal shared his thoughts on working in the EMF world, saying, “I would say that It’s been one hell of an exciting journey. With the ISBF education, I could relate it to the work I was asked to do, and it’s very rare to get that type of education. As I moved on in my career, I have seen multiple opportunities in this area. Students with the right skills & theoretical knowledge can really make a great career out of it.”

Capturing the essence of the orientation programmes at ISBF, Dr. G.L. Tayal, Dean Academics, ISBF, said, “ISBF promotes academic freedom and intellectual inquiry while treating students as mature individuals who are ready and believe in meaningful learning.”

The ceremony also saw ISBF’s eminent faculty group be introduced to everyone present and contained a segment for the introduction of the ISBF Student Council 2021-22 too.

About ISBF

ISBF was founded in 2006 with the vision of delivering world‐class education in India. Through its partnerships with global giants like University of London, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Kingston University, and its expert and highly committed group of faculty members, ISBF ensures that students receive a rigorous, application-oriented and global education which is relevant to local needs.

On the programmes offered with LSE and University of London, there is complete parity of both curriculum and assessment standards between students of ISBF and LSE in London, and all graduates receive the globally renowned University of London degree. As these programmes are in the areas of Economics, Business & Management and Accounting & Finance, for which LSE is ranked 5th, 10th and 4th in the world respectively (QS 2020), this means that Indian students can not only access a global top 10 undergraduate education, but they can also do so at about one-fourth the cost of obtaining the same education in London.

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