From Algebra to Yoga: How Edu-tubers are helping Indians learn new, specialized skills


Numerous Indians continue to turn to YouTube to master concepts and decode complex ones. From
academic content like- Maths and Science, to entrepreneurial skills like- farming and photography, to
new hobbies like- dance, From Algebra to yoga or cooking; YouTube has something to offer to anyone who wants to
learn across languages, geographies and academic interests.

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Now, with YouTube Shorts, creators are distilling techniques, information and reviews into easy, quick
and actionable tips that not only inspire but are transforming the way we learn. And, to celebrate this
Teacher’s Day, we’ve highlighted some of the creators who are creating unique content across diverse

1.AniThing: An aspiring filmmaker, Ani, teaches how to film & edit a video in Hindi and English. He
also highlights how to edit videos on mobile phones and through different platforms like lightroom,
Premiere Pro, etc

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2. English Connection: Kanchan Keshari, a businesswoman by profession, runs this Hindi-to-English tutorial channel. She employs visual aids and skits to teach conversational English to her viewers. Guest appearances from Keshari’s family ensure that her learners stay entertained.

3. Magic Folds: is a creative, educational and entertainment channel that deals with Origami – an art of paper folding. In Origami, each and every folding of paper leads to a new creation, which highlights the essence of the channel.

4. HER GARAGE: India’s first automobile channel individually run by a woman creator, Mahak Kapoor is all about cars and bike reviews, comparisons, walkarounds and interesting facts about automobiles.

5. Gyan On Tube: Sohan Dey shares excel tips and tricks regarding Microsoft office, Ms Word, Ms Excel, computer tips, Excel from beginner to advanced in hindi.

6. Drive Sense: Amit Malviyas content aims to simplify content covering topics from changing gears to parking, cold starting your car to driving downhill.

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7. Food Hunter Sabu: From Algebra to Yoga Cooking videos of one-minute easy recipes is this engineer-turned-food vlogger’s forte. Ummer Sabu introduces lesser-known Malayali dishes to the world, which havegarnered him state media coverage. His Shorts content consists of his own cooking experiments using traditional utensils, restaurant reviews and collaborations with local cooks and actors.

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