Happy Teacher’s Day


Mr. Himmat Singh Dhillon,  Headmaster,  The Lawrence School, Sanawar

Today, on Teachers’ Day we take this opportunity to felicitate and celebrate every person who has played the role of a teacher. This comprises not only those who teach in schools and colleges but also every parent and caregiver who has fulfilled a duty of care. Today we salute the exceptional dedication and courage of all teachers, as well as their capacity to adapt and innovate under very challenging and uncertain conditions. They are very much at the heart of global education recovery efforts and are key in accelerating progress towards inclusive, equitable, and quality education for every learner, in every circumstance.

Now is the time to recognize the exceptional role teachers play and to empower them with the training, professional development, support and working conditions they need to deploy their talent. This is a time of challenge but also an opportunity for rapid transformation to address the unfulfilled needs of our community of learners.

Mr. Karteek Routh CO-Founder, DocTutorials


Through the storm of the pandemic, teachers stood strong to ensure learning never stopped!  They were more than educators; they were pillars of support, helping students emotionally and navigating the world of online teaching with resilience. 

 The pandemic highlighted the critical role teachers play in our lives. Yet, in many places, they lack the respect, support, and resources they truly deserve. It’s time to treat teachers as essential workers. They should be at the heart of educational decisions and have safe, supportive working conditions. Let’s trust their experience and empower them with tech skills to enhance learning. 

 Supporting teachers means better education. It’s about providing good working conditions, fair treatment, and growth opportunities. This attracts and retains top-notch educators, benefiting students everywhere. 

 Let’s start by caring for our teachers’ well-being, ensuring fair pay, and guaranteeing their safety. They deserve it, just like other essential workers.  Investing in more teachers and giving them training helps them adapt to the times, especially in using technology and addressing diverse student needs. 

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 Education recovery is a joint effort! Working hand in hand with teachers, listening to their ideas, and respecting their knowledge is key to building a stronger, more resilient education system post-pandemic. 

Remember, teachers are not just a part of the system; they are the heart and soul of education. Let’s celebrate and support these incredible human beings who play a vital role in shaping our future! 


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