How to become a Salesforce Developer?

How to become a salesforce developer
How to become a salesforce developer

How to become a Salesforce Developer?

Today’s topic is How to become a Salesforce Developer? A salesforce developer is a programmer who builds Salesforce applications across PASS platforms. PASS stands for Platform as a Service. There are three roles in Salesforce. Salesforce Admin, Salesforce developer and Salesforce Consultant.

But in this blog we are goin to discuss about Salesforce developer. With the increase popularity of CRM, the demand of salesforce developer is increasing rapidly.You can see the roles and duties of Salesforce developer is quite similar to those of professional developer.To know How to become a Salesforce Developer? You can see the roles and responsibilty below.

  • Analyze what the need of user are, then design, test and develop needs of user.
  • Design solution and create effective plans.
  • They maintain user roles, ensuring there are no security breaches that could place a risk on the company’s data.
  • They create technical plans and strategies for other departments and the IT team.

To create solutions that work as closely as possible with the wider business goals, Salesforce developers conduct workshops for other teams in the company to gain a detailed understanding of the requirements of and identify any gaps in the current system.              To Learn as a Beginner you can learn from this course Introduction to Salesforce. This course will help you to kickstart your salesforce career and for other certifiacations visit Easyshiksha online Course 

Salesforce is a cloud platform for managing

  • Sales
  • customer service
  • Marketing

The products for these purposes are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. To enrich their products, SFDC (which stands for Inc.) offers additional components, for example, CPQ & Billing used for automatic price quote generation and invoicing. Now the question again arise How to become a Salesforce Developer? salesforce have its own community by the name Trailblazer. You can solve the task on trailhead collect badges and points. It will be a pluse in your CV and to be a salesforce developer you need to get a salesforce certificate thereare three certificates Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I and II, and Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer.The I and II level certificate is for the cloud.

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