How to Edit Excel Spreadsheets for the Classroom


Teachers often find it hard to keep the students of natural sciences interested in the subject Excel Spreadsheets matter, especially at a young age. This problem has existed for a long time, and a lot has been done over the years to minimize this issue.

Let’s take mathematics for instance.

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Research has shown that students react far better when they do their assignments in Excel Spreadsheets than on plain paper, because the graphic representation motivates students to do better when working with numbers, makes learning more fun, and generally makes complicated concepts easier to understand.

The simplest way for teachers and students to share homework and exercises in spreadsheets is to save them in the PDF format (most of the Microsoft Office programs have this option), because PDFs can be viewed with unchanged formatting on all operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux).

The negative aspect of the PDF is that it is a read-only file type, which is bothersome if the the students need to edit the project that they received from the teacher, or vice versa.

Almost all software products that are designed to convert PDF files back to their native state, in our case the spreadsheet, are quite pricey, which is not very convenient if you are a young student.

But luckily there is a great online tool which can be used to overcome this problem.

PDF Converter’s Free Online PDF to Excel Converter is an easy to use, but at the same time a very powerful tool where you can convert your PDF file back to an Excel Spreadsheet in three steps, and completely free.

Firstly you need to choose the PDF file you wish to convert. The second step is to type your email address, and the third one is to click on the link that you received at your email address, and download the file. The whole process is really simple and the privacy of the user is guaranteed.

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