IIIT Delhi students showcase innovative projects at Building Better Interfaces (BBI)


More than 80 students showcased 18 projects; around 150 visitors including startups visited the campus to see the innovative projects

New Delhi, November 15, 2019: Eighty-three students of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electronics and Communication (ECE), Design, and Social Science from Indraprashta Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-Delhi) showcased 18 projects at Building Better Interfaces (BBI), event held at the premises of the institute. The projects ranged from searching and managing books to matching people for professional meetings to Delhi Metro announcement and complaint system, to scrap collection app to sports moninotring. The interesting concepts that students worked on attracted students from other streams who got encouraged by the work of their peers. Apart from students from other institutes/colleges, startups also visited the campus to find out the talent that they can bank on.

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Calling the event a perfect platform for the students to get feedback from others, Prof Ranjan Bose, director, IIIT-Delhi, said, “The project showcase encourages the students to identify real-world problems and then propose practical solutions. More importantly, it generates the necessary enthusiasm among our students for creative expression of their ideas, some of which are truly disruptive.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, associate professor (CSE), IIIT-Delhi, said, “I have been teaching this course from 2010 at IIIT Delhi, every year BBI is like a mela, specifically we focus on projects solving societal issues and issues within the campus. This course is the foundations course that students take at to get introduced to the concept of Human Computer Interactions. Students learn to find a real-world problem to work, interact with real users in narrowing down the problem, do the design, and evaluate what they have done. They have to iterate on the solutions at least 3 times during the semester. All projects that were showcased today had a working implementation of the solution.”

Projects showcased at the event were:

Bookish: User-oriented app that helps to find best books for any user in each genre based on reviews and recommendations given by other user.

Brunchify: Connecting mutually relevant opportunistic people on 1:1 brunch

Bware: This app lets you audit locations on the basis of safety. It lets you know the problem as they arise, when you are heading to any place. The safety parameters for judgement are light in the area, number of people present in the area and based on this the safety score of the place gets updated.

Dishcounts: A coupon aggregator app which brings all coupons available to a given user in one place. Users will be able to compare, sort and search through the coupons they have. Dishcounts focuses on the details the users want to know about a coupon and not just what the delivery companies want the user to see. In addition, there is also the functionality to discover new coupons through sharing between friends.

DabbaGul: A food sharing app where you can explore the food around you carried by other people, by uploading yours to the platform. If you’re here to trade your home-made food for something equally delicious, expand your social network over food or just explore the lunches around you for the love of food, you’ve come to the right place.

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Designer Adda: Platform for connecting customers, designers and tailors (the 3 types of users for our app). It is an aggregator to order custom-made clothes online

DMRC Connect: This is a platform to connect Delhi metro users to DMRC in a more efficient way by providing latest announcement and a functionality to complain. Users can also track their previous complaints and know whether it has been resolved or not. Currently all announcements are made on Twitter which fails to reach bigger audience despite DMRC’s conscious efforts

Festivity: It is an event management app for different college events, so that it can manage different hierarchy of college events and different situations that occur in events.

Knapsack Travel: Your personalized AI-powered travel companion that takes away the hassles and allows you to explore, dream and discover

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KYRO: Humanizing productivity to help people perform daily tasks! Users get brownie points to complete the task on time. This helps the users to keep them motivated.

Pet Care: The app is about building a community of pet lovers through shared caring of pets. We connect the pet owners and care-takers together. The main motivations is that pets don’t be left alone at home when the owner is not around.

Polution Air Quality: This app will be helpful for monitoring the indoor environment, as a person spends more time indoor as compared to outdoor, hence to monitor their health is a necessity. Through this app, a user can confirm the indoor environmental conditions and take precautionary measures.

ProSPort: ProSport is an event management system that tries to tackle the problem of ineffective communication that happens between sporting event organizers and the participants. The app tries to provide real-time updates for any and all changes regarding the events.

SATA: It is an app to connect student and TAs on a faculty free platform.

SemiGo: It finds you cab mates within your organization, hence making your travel cheaper, faster and safer.

Skill Station: Skill-based matching where students meet instructors based on similar skill interests. The app gives personalized recommendations based on your Location and interests for classes around you.

Swapeco: An application that helps in managing scrap and helping you clean your home.
Tweek: An interface to self-asses and evaluate a player’s performance on the basis of various parameters.

About IIIT-Delhi

It was created as a State University by an act of Delhi Government (The IIIT Delhi Act, 2007) empowering it to do research and development, and grant degrees. In a relatively short time, it has earned an excellent reputation in India and abroad for being a center of quality education and research in IT and interdisciplinary areas. Established in 2008, the Institute has grown to be recognized as one of the most promising young institutions for education and research in India. The Institute is accredited ‘A’ grade by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) and has been accorded 12-B status by the University Grants Commission (UGC). In recognition of its performance, QS University Ranking has ranked IIIT-Delhi 48 (in QS Ranking India) and 192 (in BRICS region) in 2019 ranking. NIRF also ranked IIIT-Delhi at number 55 this year.

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