Indian Youth Turn to Social Media to Express Their Respect to Chandrayaan 2

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Indian Youth On the morning of 7th September 2019, Chandrayaan-2 lost communication with the Lander Vikram when it was only 2.1 km away from the lunar surface after a 47-day journey. India’s Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi was witnessed offering his sincere support to Dr. K. Sivan, the chairman of ISRO. PM Modi said, “It’s not a small thing that we have achieved with Chandrayaan 2, be courageous.”

For Indians, Chandrayaan 2 remains to be one of the biggest achievements of the country and they are very grateful for all the efforts that ISRO have put in to make this bold attempt. With the new social media platforms being a rage, the young Indians have expressed their support on the platforms such as Likee where #IndiaOnTheMoon and #ProudOfISRO coupled with ingenious short videos created a new way to showcase the celebratory spirit and patriotism.

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Likee’s #IndiaOnMoon and #ProudOfISRO have created a special sense of patriotism among the youth and a novel way to showcase the encouragement and respect by using the #Superme special effect where a user can share his/her image while participating in the various stages of Moon mission. Youngsters have created thousands of videos with a new Superme called #Go India to express respect towards ISRO and their efforts to make India proud.  There are already over 60k videos under #ProudOfISRO and over 100k videos under #IndiaOnMoon and are still gaining momentum with every passing minute. Users are also sharing these videos on their Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, which shows that the Indian youth is still full of passion and believe that India will achieve it eventually, when ISRO will be able to regain communication with the Lander Vikram.

Chandrayaan 2 moon mission is not a failure, it is a long journey and a great dream carrying the anticipation of 1.35 billion people. We are all thankful to those who have spent a lot of time and efforts on the mission and we believe that we will definitely make it. Likee has provided a magical platform for me to express my emotion. The #Go India Superme has made me feel that I’m a part of ISRO,” said Puneet Sharma, one of the Likee users.

In India, Likee is available in different Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi. Recently, Likee has also won the Guinness World Record for creating the ‘Largest online video album of people waving a flag in India’ during its ‘No matter where I am, #IAMINDIAN’ campaign. The campaign saw more than 1 lac Indians participating to celebrate India’s 73rd Independence Day, During the campaign, Indians created more than 2.5 lakh videos which garnered more than 225.3 million views. India’s international sports sensation Ms. Hima Das also participated in the campaign.

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