IoT Ninja a new buzz

IoT Ninja a new buzz
IoT Ninja a new buzz

IoT Ninja a new buzz

IoT Ninja have you heard about this. If you are an IoT developer or a newbie to IoT. You should know about IoT Ninja a new buzz in the IT Industry. In my previous topic, I had discussed IOT to get the best of this blog you need to understand IoT first, So visit my previous blog which is an introduction to IoT.

IoT Ninja a new buzz word in the market is the new IoT platform designed to reduce time and cost for developers, and to kickstart their application without compromising the flexibility of design. Ninja provides a platform to developers to download, connect and manage IoT applications. IoT will soon be used in many industries, with revenue growth of 15-30% pa, but growth has been slower than the expected one because of the complexity and cost of IoT deployment.

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Ninja provides an online platform for developers to perform such task :

  • Download pre-packed source code for working IoT applications.
  • Test the applications by using virtual devices there is no need to spend on expensive devices.
  • Can Access and Manage the data, infrastructure and connectivity accordingly.
  • IOT application templates are available in popular javascript frameworks and provide both speeds of deployment and flexibility to scaleand evolve the application.  following are the steps that explain how ninja works

Create Download pre-configured application templates to React or Vue JS (Material-UI coming soon)

Configure Customize the source code, apply to brand or integrate with other systems.

Connect Connect your IoT devices on our platform. Ninja support TTN V3 for LoRaWAN, and Cat-M1 and NB-IoT for cellular.

Deploy Lastly deploy your PoC with ninja, when you’re ready to scale, move out of our sandbox and deploy to your private account.

Now I hope you understand why IoT Ninja a new buzz! 

IOT NINJA is based around portal KAGE – there are 2 key elements i.e the portal and the applications. KAGE helps to manage resources on the network provider and uses AWS stack and services to deliver scalable and reliable portal. Provision “things” (sensors & network gateways) by integrating network provider supported calls (Http, REST, MQTT.)  The application template name is Shuriken”. The template is available in pre-packaged code in both React.js and Vue.js. it is designed to present location data sourced from sensors to end-users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IOT NINJA is adaptable to accept traffic from multiple network technologies, for a given application that depends on range, power, throughput and cost. It has been preconfigured to work with a select range of devices.

I hope you like this blog IoT Ninja a new buzz and for more blogs visit HawksCode and Easyshiksha.


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