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JIGSAW At the point when we talk about ed-tech resources, proficient accreditation and web-based learning will undoubtedly be a necessary piece of that conversation. Indeed, during the early years of the previous decade, an acknowledgement had encircled the business world that IT abilities live a significant brief “timeframe of realistic usability.” The most recent changes continued surfacing. A thriving power of the most recent registering advances, programming dialects, and computerized standards should have been maintained up within control to keep up the speed of development. 

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

This made a void in the situation. There was a roaring interest for a talented workforce, however, so was an enormous question mark that lingered over the accessibility of that labour force. The corporate organizations understood that. They had effectively started to focus on advancements like social, mechanization, investigation, portability, cloud, and so forth, yet the critical shortage for the speciality and particular innovative abilities turned into the main need of the time.

Upskilling to arising advancements has become the need of great importance, with mechanical changes moulding the vocations. Jigsaw Academy offers programs in information science and arising advancements to help learners upskill, stay important, and get taken note of. The specialists and instructors at Jigsaw Academy offer carefully organized courses with industry-important educational plans. The specialists here offer carefully organized courses to help train experts in the space of Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, Business Analytics, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing, to give some examples.

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The founding story of Jigsaw and its journey over the years

Jigsaw academy was established by Sarita Digumarti and Gaurav Vohra in 2010 who is also the COO and CEO of the Bengaluru-based edtech company respectively. Sarita has over 18 years of extensive analytics and consulting experience across diverse domains including retail, healthcare, and financial services. While Gaurav is experienced in the analytics segment of businesses for 18 years like the verticals of financial services, retail, FMCG, telecom, pharmaceuticals, and leisure industries.

This edtech company is a Manipal Global Investee Company and is recognized as the No.1 institute for data science training in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, and 2013. 

This edtech startup has also been bestowed with the prestigious award of “Partner of Excellence Award 2019” by NASSCOM. The combined teaching experience of this edtech startup is of 400+ years. More than three thousand companies globally have Jigsaw Academy students. The total number of hours of learning content that has been consumed by the learners of this educational company is more than 1 million. 

The goals and significance of Jigsaw 

When this edtech startup commenced its Full Stack Data Science Bootcamp program, it had a substantial vision in mind. It was to help any Data Science competitor commit additional time, exertion, and thoughts to the subject and themes. Aside from our complete online examination classes, there was likewise a requirement for an in-person preparing program that would supplement the prerequisites of both information science competitors and the company.

In-Person Classroom Learning with Extensive Access to Faculty

For certain individuals, the best learning occurs in a customary study hall climate joined with a live workforce association. This is how the possibility of the Bootcamp program developed – to suit experts who were searching for a closer to the home learning experience and who needed a more engaging program that fit their time responsibilities.

 Comprehensive End-to-End Learning

The Bootcamp program by this edutech startup packs in every one of the fundamental fixings a learner needs for an effective profession in information science. They gain proficiency with the ideas, the apparatuses required, their reasonable applications, and the patterns in the business. They also likewise prepare the student on coding viewpoints needed for the business. Before the course is finished, the learner would acquire broad business intuition, information science abilities, and the capacity to deal with numerous programming dialects and instruments.

 Predefined & Preset Intensive Timelines

With the online educational classes, recent studies show that it can be difficult to channelize the advantage and enthusiasm for vocation development reliably through the term of the course. Some learners need inspiration on a week by week or a regular schedule to invigorate them. That is the point at which they choose to overcome any barrier between self-guided learning and coached learning with this edtech company’s boot camp program. 

Weekend Classes

One of the significant reasons why a few learners will in general remain behind in their learning is because before they don’t invest the necessary measure of energy for the course. It could be because of work, work itineraries, or other individual reasons. This Bangalore-based edtech company understood that end of the week was simply the occasions students committed to improving. This was the ideal road for them to assist genuine hopefuls like those students to flood ahead in their professional objectives.

 Minimal Prerequisites

The learners only need to have studied stats and math until the higher secondary levels to join the program. All the other basic coding and languages for data science and other better courses will be taught in the program.

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