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In the current academic system, there is an apparent lack of a scientific mechanism that facilitates the students to become self-aware of their innate abilities and thereby take informed future decisions at various stages of education. LCAT The students are not provided with timely information about the constantly changing world and the evolving nature of the opportunities it has to offer. And many a time, even when information is provided, it is driven by biases which can be even more counterproductive. Therefore, there is a dire need for an established and comprehensive career guidance ecosystem that helps students to take data-driven decisions through advanced analytics, and student-specific insights.

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And this is where the newly developed tool named Lead Career Assessment Test (LCAT) comes into play. It has been developed by Kerala based EdTech start-up vLEAD Eduventures whose team members consist of alumni from prestigious institutions like IIT Kharagpur, Delhi University, University of Hyderabad, National University of Singapore, and Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands.

Muhammed Ammachandy, an IIT Kharagpur graduate and the CEO at vLEAD Eduventures says that “The mission of vLEAD has always been simple. It is to ensure that education of the highest quality is accessible to everyone without any hindrance. And this can only be achieved by taking small steps on specific things. When we formed vLEAD Eduventures, we decided to focus on five broad areas – Educational Intelligence, Quality Assessment, Career Planning and Development, Strategic Execution for Educational Projects, and Next-Gen Learning Activities. And as an initial step, we had set our eyes on the area of career planning and developed LCAT based on a yearlong rigorous research exercise”.

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What makes LCAT special is the fact that it is the first career assessment test in India that has been developed completely on the basis of the Indian cultural context and is also offered in regional languages. Muhammed goes on to say that “LCAT is a state-of-the-art analytics-driven online career assessment tool that helps a person to discover his or her right career path. The tool was developed after extensive research. It uses the most advanced scientific tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence”.

The test is offered in three categories for students from class 8 to college students and recent graduates. And it recommends the ideal career or stream choices for a person by exploring the various dimensions of their psychometric profile like personality, aptitude, interests, work value preferences and emotional intelligence. In addition to the test, students are offered a scientifically-curated post-assessment methodology that includes a detailed and personalized face-to-face counselling session. At the end of the exercise, the test candidates get a clear perspective on how to go about with their future and takes away a detailed short-term action plan that covers multiple areas like academic success, career planning, and personal and social development.

They have started their operations from late May 2018 and is currently very popular among those looking for genuine career guidance solutions in Kerala. And currently they are in the process of scaling up and is planning to go for an investment soon.

Their services can be availed completely online at their website


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