LEAD Super 100 program – Helping meritorious students from Tier 2+ towns to excel in Board exams

  • Specially curated program to nurture top 100 10th grade students in LEAD-powered CBSE schools across India
  • Live coaching, tutoring and mentoring by India’s best teachers

Delhi, May 5th, 2022:  In line with its efforts to ensure that the brightest students in India’s smaller towns are able to achieve their full academic potential, LEAD, India’s largest School EdTech company, today announced the launch of its specially curated coaching, tutoring and mentoring program ‘Super 100’. LEAD’s Super 100 program has been designed to remove the inequity in opportunity that talented students in India’s smaller towns typically have to contend with, in their quest to excel at learning. It makes available comprehensive, personalised academic guidance; tutoring; and practice for the best students in Tier 2+ India, so that they can stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers across metros.

As part of Super 100, the top 100 students entering the 10th grade in LEAD-powered CBSE schools (academic year 2022-23) will be selected through a test and will be awarded a full scholarship for the year-long program. LEAD has brought together some of India’s best teachers in Maths, Science, English, Social Studies and Hindi to coach, tutor and mentor these 100 students.

Sumeet Mehta, LEAD Co-founder and CEO, said, “Talent is present in every child. However, the opportunity for students in smaller towns is restricted by the lack of resources and support. With Super 100, LEAD is ensuring that access to opportunity is also equally distributed so that the brightest students from India’s small towns have a level playing field and can earn their rightful place as national board toppers.”

LEAD’s Super 100 program will commence in May 2022. Meritorious LEAD Super 100 students also stand to win laptops and tablets, as part of the program.

LEAD takes a holistic approach to education and focuses on further boosting student confidence levels by also creating opportunities beyond the academic sphere. The company conducts LEAD Championships every year for students in smaller towns to demonstrate their skills and gain exposure on a national platform. It also hosts theme-based MasterClass sessions with celebrity experts; and organises Student Led Conferences, where students become teachers for a day and present on topics of their choice.

School EdTech is a combination of educational best practices and technology-delivered solutions that enables quality learning in schools, and beyond.

About LEAD

LEAD is India’s largest School EdTech company and is promoted by Leadership Boulevard Private Limited. LEAD was founded in 2012 by Sumeet Mehta and Smita Deorah, with the mission to transform school education in India. It combines deeply researched curriculum and pedagogy with technology to deliver an integrated system of teaching and learning that improves student learning outcomes and teacher performance in 4000+ schools across India. LEAD’s integrated system is available to schools in 400+ towns and cities across India, reaching 1.6 million+ students and

empowering over 25,000 teachers. LEAD Powered Schools provide children with international standard education and national-level exposure for all-round growth, with a focus on helping them succeed in life.