Lexicon Schools organizes a seminar on “Book Writing” for budding writers


Pune, March 15, 2023: “Change the world with your words!” That was the motto behind the seminar on “Book Writing” organized by The Lexicon Schools in association with Quill Club. The event was a roaring success, inspiring and empowering budding writers to put their pens to paper and create something truly extraordinary.

Mr. Hemant Kumar, Founding Editor & Mentor at the Quill Club Writers, who has published 55+ books with schools across India, conducted the seminar, which aimed to improve students’ book-writing skills. The students, from Class 3 and above, were captivated as Mr. Hemant shared the secrets of writing a good book and how to choose the right words to make writing an art.

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The event was just the tip of the iceberg! Following the seminar, the students were given a thrilling challenge to complete an event or story starter within 90 words. The competition was intense, and only the best performers were selected for a personal interview with Ms. Adrija from Quill Club Writers. During the interview, the students’ confidence level, vocabulary, and communication skills were evaluated. The parents were ecstatic, and their excitement was contagious. The chosen students have the amazing opportunity to attend a one-of-a-kind, in-person mentorship program with Mr. Hemant between March 15th to 24th of this year. The 35 selected students will be trained to hone their writing skills and craft their own literature in the form of stories. To top it off, these stories will be published as an anthology, which could find its place in the school library or be used as a reader in the curriculum.

Following the seminar, Mr. Nasir Shaikh, Group Chief Executive Officer of The Lexicon Group of Institutes, MultiFit, Educrack and EasyRecruit+, stated, “This program is in keeping with Lexicon’s vision of providing the best holistic education to its students. It is a giant stride towards wholeheartedly encouraging the habits of reading and writing in our classrooms. We strive to give our students experiences that will enrich them for life. There aren’t many children in this world who can say that a book running in the curriculum has a story that they have written.”

Renowned mentors and publishers, Quill Club Writers of New Delhi, are currently selecting gifted student writers from all three branches of Lexicon International School through rigorous writing tests and interviews. Hemant Kumar, Founding Editor of Quill Club Writers, added, “This is a never-before opportunity for the selected students. Writing and being published are challenging for grownups. It is largely out of reach for the child at school. We are pioneers at identifying gifted schoolchildren, mentoring them, and turning them into published authors. We simply can’t wait to get started.”

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The selected writers will shortly undergo a nearly two-week mentoring program. During the program, the selected writers will think of and write an original short story. These stories will then be read by students at all branches of The Lexicon International Schools. Quill Club Writers have already published more than 120 titles of this kind at premium schools across the country. This is a highly professional writing and publishing program and the only one of its kind in the country. Books produced by Quill Club Writers are being read by nearly half a million schoolchildren nationwide.

“We wanted to give our emerging writers an opportunity to showcase their skills and handhold them to become great authors. The seminar was organized to enhance their writing skills and to highlight nuances in the art of writing so that these kids get an opportunity to follow their dreams,” said Mrs. Anju Luthra, Deputy Director, The Lexicon Schools.

The seminar was a great success. The Lexicon Schools are proud to support the next generation of writers and committed to providing them with opportunities to excel.

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