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A good teacher is a prerequisite to effective learning, same as the new age ed-tech firms and organizations. Meritnation is an online learning Edtech company for school students. According to the statistics and data reports over two hundred and thousands of new users are added every month, as viewers and as subscribers. The ed-tech firm is a venture and has been serving as per the needs and wishes of society. Meritnation has used technology so consistently and efficiently with the aim and vision of revolutionising the learning and the education sector, by making the process inclusive, fun and at the same time relevant.  Meritnation brings in the best teachers, quality study techniques, process and curriculum, best resources and technology and a conducive environment, to support and guide the potential benefittors. The platform created, via the various programs and courses, is such that students can sit at home and learn effectively.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

The starting of Meritnation and about its journey

Meritnation ed-tech start-up initiated in 2009 and has been trusted by 1.5 crore users across the country with the student-first approach. The firm made it possible for the students to learn and get educated at their place over the years. The ed-tech company has been established as a leader in the k12 Edtech companies in India. Meritnation is the most comprehensive learning platform, which follows a rigorous process of content development, curriculum activities. 

Meritnation also provides mobile app services on NCERT courses and notes sources. With over 1.5 million downloads, the firm is ahead of its other subsidiaries and competencies. 

Meritnation is the first Edtech company in India to launch an app for students in 2016. It is also the part of prestigious AESL group (Akash Educational Service Limited) which is a leading education institution in India that provides comprehensive test service for students preparing for medical and engineering entrance examination, School/Board Exams and Competitive Exams such as NTSE, KVPY, and Olympiads.

The ed-tech portal is working with over 800 employees and was founded in 2009 by IIM graduates, who were led by the belief that every child is unique and has a specific learning need. The desire and dire need to address and harness the power of technology to deliver personalized & engaging content to nurture the student’s learning curve. Meritnation the ed-tech startup connects the best teachers in India with potential students via  Live Class platforms from the comfort of their homes. Since its foundation, the ed-tech company has been participating in funding and investment programs. Till yet Meritnation has had 3 rounds of funding. In total Meritnation has raised 1121.38 M. Meritnation’s last funding round was in Nov 2017 for a total of 425.10 million.

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The unique and special attributes of Meritnation

Live online classes, one of the most popular live classes and the only source of gaining education and knowledge for students in school as well as aspirants of JEE and AIPMT. Meritnation is spread outside India too like in the Gulf countries.

Best teachers are the reasons for Meritnation, being on the leading front. The faculty comprises IIT graduates, which means they have the abilities and years of experience to handle questions and queries from students. They can thus be the best minds to groom the budding generation and future minds and intellects of the country.

Unlimited practice questions, during the, practise hours and live sessions. To make the students competitive and aware of the rigidity and complexities of the paper. Students can never run out of questions to practise from, for exams and tests while studying in Meritnation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The question-answer forum at meritnation is quite active. Lots of questions have been answered by experts as well as other users. 

Textbook solutions and sample papers are a daily phenomenon. 

All these make it really supportive and exceptionally easy for students and learners of all walks of life to clear their concepts, practise and prepare for exams, with reviewing and revisions too.

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