But actually putting stress on the above said brings me to a question that i would love to share with you all that “Have we really moved on from the actual darkness that hides behind our old implementation ways and moved on to practical  standards of education?”

This seems quite tricky to answer and yet easy to understand. Our country is heading towards cultural,economical and societal changes which also puts forward the need for different approaches to education. Globalisation,which is increasing international interdependence ,and the obsolescence of older knowledge means that teachers and students alike must be open to change and adaptation of new methods.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Formal education, which is running across every school and college around every corner of this country merely focuses on “know what ” type of knowledge .But being a student myself ,i have always felt the need to raise a voice against these void parameters of education which hardly provide with any secure future. Even if we complete our degrees from a non reputed college unlike the IIT’s and  IIM’s  ,can we rely upon these for a secure job ? Maybe we can but the truth lies under the fact that about 89% are unaware about the practical knowledge and throw their responsibilities on their non deserving degrees to help them find a position in this harsh world.And the rest being in touch with the world and its never ending pace put on their parents hard earned money in some money grasping private centres to learn extra or what i can call practical knowledge.

Tacit knowledge is something that we can often can’t learn  by reading books ;it is acquired by addressing real problems and practice ,it relates to experience ,ideals,intuition ,values,creative thinking,emotions,skills and definately the right attitude.Tacit knowledge in education can be a critical input in the innovation process.It is high time that colleges and high schools enhance and promote academic-industry patnerships and engagement through the involvement of students in professional work and encourage them to enhance their skills in the field of their own choice. Parents too need to put aside their over protective mindset and allow some flow of freedom to their child and let him discover and explore himself through himself.

Accessing the quality of education has become a need more than  necessity.The government should also strive towards catering to basic needs of some non funded colleges and endeavour to make this nation glow with some professionals who aren’t mere bookworms but some actually practical beings eager to learn more by experience and practice rather than just hanging around books and spectacles .

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