News18 India’s Lucknow Adhiveshan Celebrates the Achievements of Uttar Pradesh Govt 2.0 on Its First Anniversary


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – The state of Uttar Pradesh completed the first year of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s second term in office. Under his visionary leadership, the Yogi Adityanath government has transformed the state in the last six years. To discuss and deliberate on the achievements of the government and the roadmap for the future, News18 India presented the Lucknow Adhiveshan on March 26.

The Adhiveshan provided a platform for senior ministers and bureaucrats to discuss and deliberate on the achievements of the Yogi Adityanath government and the roadmap for the future. The discussions focused on a range of topics, including the government’s initiatives to support farmers, empower women, and provide opportunities for the youth. The speakers shared their insights and experiences, highlighting the progress and transformation that the state has undergone under CM Yogi’s leadership.

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The event saw the participation of several high-profile speakers, including DS Chauhan, DGP, UP; Swatantra Dev Singh, Minister of Jal Shakti and Flood Control, UP; Nitin Agarwal, Minister of State, Excise and Prohibition, UP and Danish Azad Ansari, Minister of State, Minority Welfare, Muslim Waqf and Haj, UP, among others. The speakers discussed various issues, including law and order, development, and the action being taken against mafias and criminals.

Swatantra Dev Singh, Minister of Jal Shakti and Flood Control highlighted the significance of maintaining law and order in Yogi Raj. He mentioned that during the previous SP, BSP, and Congress regimes, bombings occurred regularly in UP which have now ceased under Yogi’s leadership. The improved law and order situation has made women and daughters feel safer as no one dares to mistreat them. Moreover, industrialists are showing interest in investing in the state. The Minister also commented on the previous regimes of SP and BSP, stating that hooliganism was rampant and electricity was only available in certain privileged areas. In contrast, the current administration is ensuring fair and transparent governance, and there is no tolerance for ministers who interfere in the judicial process. With the efforts of CM Yogi and PM Modi, the image of the state has transformed for the better.

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According to Durga Shankar, UP Chief Secretary,  there is immense potential for tourism in Bundelkhand, and with the construction of the Bundelkhand Expressway, the region is poised to receive significant investment in the near future. He also highlighted the government’s efforts to provide benefits to minority communities, stating that there is no discrimination in any scheme in Uttar Pradesh. The Chief Secretary stressed the importance of connectivity for investment, citing the construction of Asia’s largest airport in Jewar as an example of how it will create a favourable investment environment in the state. He also spoke about the government’s commitment to upholding credibility and the rule of law, stating that criminals will be held accountable for their actions.

Harish Khatri, Founder and MD, India Assist praised Uttar Pradesh as the best state in the country for investment. He stated that investors are getting convenience and security, which is visible on the ground, and that is why they are paying attention to Uttar Pradesh.

Brajesh Pathak, Deputy CM, UP spoke openly about law and order, bulldozer action, development, and the action being taken against other mafias, including Atiq Ahmed. He stated that the state was moving towards becoming number one in investment and that the government was monitoring criminals day-to-day.

Overall, the News18 India Lucknow Adhiveshan was a successful event that provided a platform for the government to showcase its achievements and outline its plans for the future. The event highlighted the progress and transformation that Uttar Pradesh has undergone under the visionary leadership of CM Yogi Adityanath.

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