India’s first digital classroom – PaperVideo launches a comprehensive Math curriculum for Grades 8 to 12, across CBSE, ICSE, HSC, SSC and all State Education Boards of India.

PaperVideo’s teacher-led ‘live’ classes and digital books are free of charge, providing superior quality of teaching to students PAN India.

New Delhi, November 06, 2019: Bringing the structural fundamentals of a classroom through the wide reach of digital technology, PaperVideo – India’s first digital classroom for supplementary learning, has launched its Math curriculum for Grades 8 to 12. PaperVideo’s digital classroom, which is free for all students, offers a comprehensive and holistic Math program congruent with CBSE, ICSE, HSC, SSC and all State Education Boards of India.

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Research has stated that the lack of quality teachers and curriculum are the primary reasons why India consistently ranks low in all global education indexes. The Annual Status of Education Report for 2018 mentions that 61% of Indian eight graders struggle with simple Math. Another shocking observation made by the researchers suggests that only 26.6% of eighth-grade students are fluent in subtraction – a fundamental arithmetical function.

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Chirag Arya – Founder, PaperVideo, said, “The education sector has a critical role to play in driving the economic and social development in the country. Lack of access to ‘quality education’ has been a persistent barrier for students beyond metro cities. Through PaperVideo we want to bridge this gap and bring academic resources to those who need it.

Chirag further added, “It is disheartening to see that while current students’ environment is completely different from the environment we grew up in, the teaching methods are the same. At PaperVideo, we have reimagined the classroom from a student’s perspective. Our team of experienced educators, designers and programmers have built a uniquely comprehensive online platform that enables the transformation from teacher-led to student-centered, competency-based learning.

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PaperVideo has married technology, content, and design to completely recreate a digital classroom from a student’s perspective. Just like in traditional classrooms, ‘live’ teacher-led classes are at the heart of PaperVideo’s program. The maths curriculum has been developed after two years of intensive research, discussions, and workshops, to deliver comprehensive and holistic instruction in the subject.

Academic books have been recreated from scratch to develop artistically designed ‘Digital Books’ that are appealing and instructive to the students. These aesthetically designed Digital books help students to visualise each concept, making it easier to understand and retain difficult concepts. PaperVideo’s Math curriculum provides Digital Books, Video Lectures, 10,000+ Homework, and Tests Questions, Strategy based video explanations, 3000+ flashcards, reminders, To-Do lists and much more.

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The unique curriculum is based on a structured and time-tested learning method which helps students to harness his/her optimum potential, resulting in a high-quality personalised learning arena for students with the best educators in the field. PaperVideo’s ‘Skill Engine’ understands and tracks every student’s progress throughout their journey. Every class, homework or test map the student’s strengths and weaknesses and provides personalised learning paths, classes, and tests for each student.

The company’s mission is to use innovation and technology to provide a holistic educational program for every student in India. Going forward, the company plans to add more subjects

taught in the Indian K-12 school system, Competitive exams like IIT JEE, CAT, GRE, etc., and provide skill & professional development courses like digital marketing, machine learning among others.

To enrol for the digital classroom log on to or WhatsApp +91 8454863200

About PaperVideo

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PaperVideo is an EdTech start-up with the mission to provide quality educational resources that enable every student in India to gain easy access to excellent teachers and the best curriculum for supplemental learning. Presently, PaperVideo offers a comprehensive Math curriculum for Grade 8 to 12 across CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra, and all other Indian State Education Boards. The company’s five-year plan is to cater to all students’ across the primary and secondary school systems in India for supplemental education, university-level courses, competitive test preparations, reskilling & online certifications, and language and soft skills development. For more details, please visit

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