Phonon levels up intelligent IVR services with the launch of ‘Agnes’ that real-time streams speech to Google Cloud Platform


Contact Centre Solutions provider Phonon Communications recently launched a new MRCP plugin that enables real-time streaming for voice based applications to Google Cloud.

Agnes’ leverages Google’s Speech-to-Text platform to transcribe in real-time customer voice at enterprise call centers. It uses a high-performance RPC framework developed by Google (gRPC protocol) to stream user speech to Google’s Speech Recognition (GSR) in real-time. This drastically reduces the latency between the plugin and GSR.

Agnes supports 120 languages in the GSR platform, and it can be easily integrated with an existing system. And because it is dynamically coded, it can be tailor-fit to client’s specific requirements.

According to Phonon Communications’ Managing Director, Ujwal Makhija, with the launch of Agnes, Phonon joins a select few companies which have real-time streaming capabilities on Google’s Speech- to-Text platform.

“Our vision is to democratise AI,” he said. “We want it to be more accessible to tech-forward organisations so they can use it to transform their business processes and applications. Harnessing technologies like ‘Agnes’ helps our clients improve efficiency and service quality. Ultimately, it helps drive their growth and prepares them for an AI-driven marketplace.”

Phonon uses Google Cloud services like Google Text-to-Speech, Google Speech-to-Text and Google Dialogflow for speech processing with various clients.

Dialogflow is a Google Cloud service. It can be scaled to hundreds of millions of users and can be used to build voice and text-based conversational interfaces. The most common applications of this include AI-powered chatbots and voice apps.

Phonon’s clients use intelligent voice response (IVR) services to deliver contextual service, anticipate customer concern based on machine learning models and handle large volumes of calls. Phonon also utilizes voice bot that uses everyday language to answer queries and respond intelligently.

Phonon is a Google Cloud Technology Partner which helps enterprises leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. It is a two-time Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India winner and a finalist in HDFC Bank’s Digital Innovation Summit.

Mr. Makhija added, “We believe that AI can create simple solutions for complex problems at enterprise call centers. Our expertise is delivering proactive and modern solutions that revolutionise businesses and improve customer experiences.”

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