Prostate Cancer Spreading in Cities


BENGALURU / August 27, 2022 – The prevalence of urinary tract cancers is increasing in India year by year, and these today account for 15-20% of all cancers in the country, with men much more commonly affected than women. Prostate cancer has risen to become the second most common cancer in urban populations, especially in cities like Delhi, Pune, and Bengaluru, up from fourth place a few years ago. This was said by uro-oncology experts participating in the ongoing SOGOCON 2022, the first ever annual conference of the Society of Genitourinary Oncologists (SOGO).

The three-day event, the first-of-its-kind in India, is meant to promote the practice of uro-oncology which deals with cancers of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. More than 300 doctors from all over the country and abroad are attending the Conference which is being organized by SOGO in association with the Global Health Academy (GHA).

Said Dr. Raghunath SK,HCG Cancer Hospital,Bengaluru Organizing Secretary, SOGOCON 2022 “In contrast to other cancers, prostate cancer is unique. it is more common in urban populations than rural, and its incidence among people living in cities is increasing further. Mortality is high, with 65% of all patients detected with prostate cancer in India dying due to the disease. In countries like Australia and the US, this figure is only 12%. The reason is that we are detecting prostrate cancer at a very late state because of lack of awareness. Cancers of the urinary tract are increasing in India because of lifestyle, the kind of food we eat, stress, pollution, lack of exercise and working late hours, along with exposure to chemicals. This, with late diagnosis, makes the situation much worse for Indians in terms of morbidity and mortality.

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Said Dr Shekar Patil,HCG Cancer Hospital,Bengaluru Chairman SOGOCON 2022 ‘’We can reduce mortality and morbidity by various means by creating awareness amongst the masses. The government should partner with hospitals to create awareness and promoting early detection through regular health screening. When doctors operate on prostate cancer in early stage, the associated morbidity and mortality are much less. Luckily, we have all advanced treatment options available in India for cancers of the urinary tract, including advanced chemotherapy, robotic surgery and radiation facilities. However, the challenge is to make this technology and treatment affordable to Indian patients, as most of them do not have health insurance and have to bear the cost themselves. If this part is taken care of, then we have all the latest technology and skilled doctors for treatment. Robotic surgery especially is a boon which significantly reduces morbidity and gives very good functional results.”

SOGOCON has created a national platform to bring together uro-oncology professionals in India for education, training, collaboration, and research with the goal of improving holistic patient care in this field of medical science which deals with cancers of the urinary tract such as of prostate, bladder and kidney, and male reproductive organs including penis and testicles. The event is hosting lectures, case-based discussions, panel discussions, and debates covering all aspects of urological malignancies. Workshops and live surgeries are being broadcasted from four hospitals in Bengaluru, including HCG Cancer Hospital Bengaluru,Manipal Hospital, Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, and MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital.

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