South City International School in collaboration with Linc Ltd., organised a Motivational Talk Session for the students


Kolkata, 17th January 2023: South City International School has always aimed to encourage and uplift each pupil to maximise his or her intellectual ability and academic performance potential. 

This time the educational institution organised a Motivational Talk Session on 17th January 2023 in association with Linc Ltd., with the distinguished orator, Ms. Nilanjana Chakraborty, a life transformation coach and energy healer. The event’s goal was to inspire students and help them to cope up with their day to day anxieties of a student life. Students of classes 9 and 11, who are most anxious about forthcoming board exams, were the target audience for the session. 

South City International School organised a fun writing competition for the students in collaboration with Linc Ltd.

To add to the fun element, students were accorded with Pentonic Pens and were asked to share their experience of writing with a pentonic pen. The pupils eagerly participated in the writing competition and the three best creative answers were conferred with exciting prizes from Linc Ltd. The teachers also enthusiastically participated in sharing their adventures in school and enlightened the children on ways to manage their stress before and during the examinations.

Mr John Bagul, Founding Principal of the school (SCIS) commented at the event, “The session with Ms. Nilanjana was spectacular. The energy was positive and well appreciated by the students and teachers. We all were energised and excited with the opportunity to learn about revitalising our minds and bodies. She is an amazing person who truly inspired our students”.

Ms. Nilanjana Chakraborty said, “It was an enjoyable experience to interact with the students of South City International School. What I loved most was Mr. Bagul’s openness to knowledge, new learnings, the fact that he is eager to access and assimilate new information speaks volumes about the development of the school. The students were enthusiastic and asked many interesting questions, which proved that they were all ears and eyes during my interaction with them.’

Pentonic stands for ‘Driven by Design’. One of the best avant-garde pens, the brand stands for remarkable writing experience by integrating the best of technology with super design aesthetics. Thanks to its sleek look, easy flow, long 

lasting ink technology, smooth grip, featherlite design, it allows the students to write without any interruption or delay during examinations. Moreover, it paves the way for a splendid expression of thoughts and legible handwriting.

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About South City International School:

South City International School was established in 2009 with a vision of developing young minds and turning them into truly global citizens in a warm and caring environment. The School commits itself to create a harmonious and stimulating environment in which each pupil will be encouraged to develop maximally his or her intellectual ability and academic performance potential; creative energy; enterprising spirits; physical skills; notions of justice, equity and public morality; affiliation to his or her cultural roots and heritage; open-mindedness, international and multicultural perspective, and a spirit of empathy for the less fortunate, with readiness to work constructively for social good.

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