The NorthCap University conducts a workshop on data analysis for the Digital Enterprise


According to research from the Everest Group and Avendus Capital analyzed by Kunal Jain, an IIT-B graduate and data scientist, India holds anywhere from 35-50% of the global analytics services market, an industry and in house specialism regarded as fundamental to the growth of any business sector. India’s global position comes with its own set of challenges, namely the conversion of theoretical knowledge to relevant practical application. NorthCap University Taking this forward, The Northcap University School of Leadership held a workshop on the best practices required to harvest data and analyze it at 91springboard, Maruti Industrial Area, Sector 18, Gurgaon. It was led by Vivek Mehra, senior vice president of digital experience from NTT Data Americas, one of the world’s leading global analytics and consultancy companies.

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“I found the workshop to be really useful from the standpoint of a software engineer. It helped me to get a flavour of how pertinent Data Analytics is in today’s world,” said Kriti Jain (Capegemini).

The workshop focused on:

  • Current trends in data analytics
  • Building blocks of analytics for better business outcomes
  • How to improve quality of data analytics for startups and big enterprises
  • How to better align analytics with business strategies

Mehra has over 20 years of consulting experience in IT strategy, systems integration, and digital technologies implementation. He will be focussed on the current trends in data analytics, methods to improve the quality of data analytics for a range of businesses, the key fundamentals for reaching better business outcomes, and the best ways to align analytics with business strategies.

It is through workshops such as the one headed by Mehra that the School of Leadership hopes to create a world of business in India that can deal with the challenges of the future, in this instance, the basic structures, challenges and solutions of data analytics.

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The School of Leadership, NCU a new endeavor to shape forward looking, capable business leaders, was started by India’s leading business managers, among them Pramath Raj Sinha (Founding Dean, ISB Hyderabad)

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