Types of Virtual Reality

Types of Virtual Reality
Types of Virtual Reality

Types of Virtual Reality

In the last blog, I had given you a brief about Virtual Reality. But on this topic, we are going to discuss the types of Virtual Reality. The VR tech creates a complete 3D environment. Now you can imagine how much software is required to build this environment. In my previous blog, I had explained about the head tracking, eye tracking and motion tracking for these things in VR we need many hardware and software. VR software works together with VR hardware to immerse the user into the virtual world. 

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There are mainly three types of Virtual Reality.

Fully immersive

This type of Virtual Reality stands first in the list. Have you seen the head-mounted display, headphones, gloves and sometimes treadmill in malls and in gaming zones. Yes, that is fully immersive Virtual Reality. Fully-immersive simulations give users the most realistic experience possible, complete with sight and sound. This is an expensive type of VR because it involves a lot of devices Your movement, eye blink are detected and projected. You will feel like you are physically present in that environment. Few examples are like virtual shooter gaming where you are equipped with gear in a small room. In medical training centres where the interns were trained to avoid disaster during risky organ operations like brain, heart, eye.

Semi immersive

This type of Virtual Reality is also known as collaborative reality and it provides a user with a partially virtual environment to interact with. You have no movement experience except the visual experience. This type of VR is rarely seen and mostly use in education and training purpose. The application of this type is training pilots through the equipment in front of the pilot is real and the screens displaying virtual content and experience of a real aircraft driving experience.



This is the most common type of VR and we can see this in our daily life. Non-immersive virtual reality refers to a virtual experience through a computer where you can control some characters within the software, but the environment is not directly interacting with you. Example like video games and mobile game like Pokemon Go.

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