What is Virtual Reality?

What is Virtual Reality
What is Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

The reality we built virtually or it seems like a reality. Well, Virtually Reality is a trending buzzword in the technology world and yes it is going to be our new discussion topic. Welcome to news.easyshiksha and today I am going to give you a brief about What is Virtual Reality?

It is a technology by which a computer with some devices creates the immersive illusion of being somewhere else. VR is traffic for gaming and watching videos. VR makes you feel like you are there mentally and physically the idea doesn’t sound new to us whenever you watch a movie or read a book it seems like reality and whenever you listen to classical or ambient music with your eyes closed you experience things that are not real.

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A believable, interactive 3D computer-created world that you can explore so you feel you are there, both mentally and physically. Opinions may differ on What is Virtual Reality? but in general, it should include:

Three-dimensional images that appeared to be life-sized from the perspective of the user.

The ability to tackle users motion like head, hand and eye movements, and correspondingly adjust the image on the user’s display to reflect the change in perspective.


VR tools should be providing realistic, natural, high-quality images and interaction possibilities. For this, devices rely on measurements like:

l image resolution

l field of view

l motion delay

l pixel persistence

l audio/video synchronization.

For making the user experience much more real some devices for

Head tracking

The head tracking system in a VR headset follows the movements of your head to slides and angles. It assigns X, Y, Z axis to directions and movements and involves tools like accelerometer, gyroscope a circle of LED


Some headsets controllers that track the direction of your eyes insides a virtual environment.

Motion tracking

 Motion tracking devices are unable to look around and move around. Through concepts of the six degrees of freedom and 3D space, motion tracking is categorized into two groups, optical and non-optical tracking.

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