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Vedantu is the ed-tech platform with consistent faith in the idea of LIVE intuitive classes and interactive sessions, compared to the other competitors. Being an unrivalled organization for web-based realisation and educational solutions, prominent learning results can be thus achieved. On top of adding new classifications, and segments now and then in the format and curriculum, Vedantu utilizes the assets and resources, with more fruitful and innovative solutions. 

Vedantu is named by the segregation of Veda which means “Information” and Tantu the “Organization”. This makes the stage a piece of information via a disciple of a network in which any student and understudy can get an education, directly and have the potential experience. Vedantu is India’s driving Online coaching organization which empowers LIVE learning platform and authentic educational options. It possesses India’s best-curated educators. 

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Mission and unique features of Vedantu

The nature of instructors and educators is the best with the ed-tech platform. Vedantu is established by the IITian’s who have the relevant experience and intellect. 

Vedantu’s web-based mentoring session empowers intelligent learning between an educator and an understudy. Vedantu an instructor can give customized solutions to every student thus showing two-way results with the best audio and visual experience and no compromise on quality. The platform is specially curated and crafted for schooling, and school students, to make the formative years count. Vedantu obliges and works for sixth grade to twelfth-grade students and plans to further extend in the educational committees, serious assessments and has co-curricular courses also. 

The founding journey and history 

Everything started when Vamsi Krishna established his first endeavour “Lakshya” in 2006 with the assistance of three of his IITian friends, which produces the best intellectual minds. The endeavour and the company Lakshya, aware of the pressing issues of the society. The problem of the scarcity of Indian teachers and mentors with a huge gap in the current curriculums made the start of the initiative. Another venture was thus started with MTEducare, after six years, in 2012. 

Then after the success and leading market share, the EDTech platform Vedantu was set up in 2014. After proper experience and market research, the entrepreneur journey in this regard was initiated. The main aim is to upgrade the schooling structure through its excellent online EdTech platform.

Vedantu is an ed-tech online solution for live training, for classes sixth to twelfth. The firm additionally is devoted to the preparation for assessments like the IIT establishment. Also, internet instructing meetings are offered for serious assessments like JEE, NTSE and other science stream examinations for Pan India. To offer its help to the 21st century’s schooling framework, the offers and innovations take place according to the needs and requirements of the society. 

Growing and significance of Vedantu 

The lockdown has prompted gigantic development for Vedantu’s foundation and also the supporters and benefits have grown immensely.  

25 million students are using the ed-tech platform every month. As revealed by the data and stats of Economic Times, the 220% enrollment ratio has increased in recent years.

The ed-tech company has extended its subject base and services in the fields of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) for customizing education. One of the fundamental difficulties of online schooling is also tackled and provided solutions for.  

As reported by Livemint, recently in late June of 2021, Vedantu invested $2 million in the EdTech organization, Instasolv, which is a doubt-solving app for high school students as well as students preparing for IITJEE and NEET examinations. 

Amidst the lockdown, Vedantu has taken up the initiative of offering FREE LIVE Interactive Classes along with premium content for Grade 1 -12 as well as competitive examinations like JEE/NEET to ensure quality and access at these difficult times of life.

Founding Members

Vamsi Krishna is the current CEO of Vedantu. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, the man is a prominent Tech Enthusiast, Edupreneur, as well as Tutor. Lakshya was the first venture of the partnership before the forming of Vedantu. His college mates helmed in the formation of both of his EDTech organizations and ventures. The founder has also worked as a management trainee for a year in L&T to gain experience and prospects.

Pulkit Jain is a co-founder of Vedantu as well as the former co-founder of Lakshya. He was also employed at EvalueServe till 2006. A graduate of IIT Roorkee, the man is presently an inspiration for various young entrepreneurs for his entrepreneurial journey.

Anand Prakash is another co-founder of both the ventures of this partnership along with the other founding members of Vedantu. He is a graduate in Pulp and Paper Technology, from the esteemed IIT, Roorkee institute and college. Currently, he is serving as an Account Academic Head at Vedantu. Before Vedantu, he was in the managerial position of Abhishek Industries.

Now the founder and CEO of the EdTech firm “Uable”, Saurabh Saxena, a graduate in chemical engineering from IIT Roorkee was also a former co-founder of Vedantu.

 Recent Funding History

“Strong growth and emerging competency power have led the leadership of Vedantu and its core members in live online tutoring. Also, these innovative factors help and have made a huge impact in directing and having a market share for investors interest. Vedantu is estimated at around USD 600 million, currently. It is thus the second most valued firm in the Indian Edtech sector, after Byju’s with a valuation of USD 10.5 billion. 

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