About the Ed-tech Firm CueMath

The best and the first maths and coding online Edtech company and community are Cuemaths. The online portal caters to the students of class KG-10th, without any discrimination of boards, country, rural or urban background, eligibility criteria or anything else. The portal is working in countries like UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and more).

The main aim and vision of the program and curriculum of Cuemath are to build and have strong math and coding abilities with a near to perfect foundation to have a base, by which every career and logical field is made possible for the children. This is also done to make the skills, concepts and underlined knowledge aligned in every case, with a sustaining aptitude and relevant reasoning skills. 

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

The tutors and mentors of the program are from India’s premier institutions and some of the best minds in the country. The teachers have the required exposure and practical knowledge with a dynamic approach to offer students and potential learners world-class knowledge and coding skills. Cuemath programs are tailor-made sessions, to focus on the individual needs of the students.

Cuemath the Edtech company is more of a classroom-oriented session and is extensively helping the students with after-school programs catering to the problems of Maths. The curriculum is so built that it makes learning and the desire to learn maths an inward requirement and process for kids. From what and how of maths, why is it made clear so that students get to sustain maths by engaging comprehensively and regularly. The pattern and daily worksheets and assignments, with application-based learning technology, and current trending market courses. These are all done under the supervision of certified teachers and experienced guidance. Apart from intellectual development with logical reasoning, the potential students get to socialize and learn from peers and thus communicate over mathematics. The practical approaches make it a worthy online learning platform. Cuemath is a Bengaluru, based startup and has grown into a revenue of $2.2M with more than 191 employees. This is thus the future of ed-tech in India

Funding along the journey

The ed-tech company of India is the generator and best resource for the people of the country. The next-gen solution corporation has yet secured the total funding of $67.4M. The capital raised is from sources, so unique and yet fundamental that is 3.5B from  26,300 employees. The revenue of the form and the ed-tech company Cuemath is ranked 13th among its competitors. Cuemath is ranked 7th among its top 10 competitors. 

Cuemath had an investment in March 2016 from Series A funding for $4 million from Sequoia Capital and Unitus Ventures for scaling, building the technology platform and strengthening the team. The company wishes to have an aim of 50,000 micro franchisees all over the country and even the world. To reach a potential group of 1,000,000 students by 2018, the ed-tech firm is extensively creating and changing the course and bringing in regular innovations. 

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The firm in 2014 raised from Unitus Seed Fund. In 2017 from Capital G, the investment arm of Alphabet Inc. and then followed by an amount of $15M Series B round.

The journey of founding and the making

The ed-tech company Cuemath is a venture and product of Cuelearn Pvt Ltd, which is a math educator and solution company founded by Manan Khurma an IIT-Delhi alumnus. He started the ed-tech company in 2014 while starting the parent company by teaching the subject math to 17 and 18-year old students when he was a college student. With time he came across the difficulties, and hindrances a general lot of students face. He found the main reasons were the conceptual gaps, the scarcity of the desire to know and learn maths. Also, the education system taught the primary and secondary school students, just the theory of the practical subjects. And thus he found a solution, to make the potential learners happy about learning and thus applying the practicality of the subject. Hence a program focused on a strong math foundation was created.

About the Founder 

Manan Khurma is the Co-Founder & CEO of the ed-tech firm Cuemath. He is a Mathematician and an author with Pearson Education and McGraw Hill. He is hugely acclaimed for his work and writings with extensive solutions. With the entrepreneurial experience in education and teaching too, the founder also co-founded Locus Education, before the portal of Cuemath. This venture of the founder, Manan works for the IIT test preparation of the students. Till yet the former setup has taught 10, 000 students, within 6 years of its service. The company, Locus Education is now an NHElite, a Shriram group subsidiary since 2010. Manan, the founder is an Electrical Engineer with a B.Tech degree from IIT, Delhi.

Jagjit Khurma is the other Co-Founder & COO for the ed-tech firm. She has experience of three decades in the sector. He is a PhD degree holder in Chemistry from the University of Otago, New Zealand. The main domain and expert interest for the co-founder are the latest trends and modifications in teaching and learning methodologies. He thus uses the practices and his expertise in developing the curriculum.

Unique features of Cuemath

The desire of the ed-tech firm to enrich math as a subject by designing and developing such a program and curriculum that it helps both parties in every regard. The educators and the students can learn from the courses and patterns together. 

The curriculum is based on adaptive and gamified learning, process and the practical approaches of the society. 

The tutors and teaching staff help in women empowerment, and disregarding the patriarchal social norms, by engaging with well-qualified women tutors. These mentors provide extensive support in preparing and facilitating entirely in the curriculum. The employment provided to the individuals under these women set up is to bring out the best in society and by being a meaningful employee by allowing and facilitating a balance between work and home life.

The mission of the ed-tech firm

Cuemath’s aims to revolutionize math learning, by providing high-quality after-school programs and curriculums. The unique combination and innovation of paper-based learning, regular worksheets, tablet-based interactive sessions and learning technology from skilled and motivated instructors. All these are delivered at an affordable price for everyone who wishes to learn.

The pattern and format of the Ed-tech platform

Multiple exercises with the practical use of innovative worksheets, tabs are adapted to cater to the demands of the section. The ed-tech company follows a “learning-by-doing” methodology and approach to providing solutions to math learning. The solutions are segregated into 3 parts

(a) School math, fundamental learning 

(b) Mental aptitude, for swiftness and easiness in calculation and non-calculation skills 

(c) Creative reasoning, for open-ended/unseen problems to help in analytical reasoning too even in life. 

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