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New Delhi – 28th May 2020 –  In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, online education has become the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind and problems that students are facing while using online classrooms, an Indian company has emerged to promote a secure ultralight online Learning Management Software with Live Virtual Classrooms to thousands of educational institutions Vu2Learn.

Many students are now trying to find opportunities in home-delivered education. Vu2Vu India, a joint venture between Vu2Vu Ireland and LAMHAS Satellite Services Ltd., has announced the launch of a complete Learning Management System (LMS) Vu2Learn ( in the Indian market.

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Manoj Shah, Managing Director, LAMHAS Satellite Services informs, “We took about three and half years to develop this product from scratch and it is fully developed in India, fulfilling all the criteria of “Make in India.” With UGC mandating Indian universities to design all courses with a 25% online component even after the COVID 19 crisis is over, we have a great opportunity available to us in the current market scenario.”

Vu2Learn offers everything that is mission-critical for the academic fraternity from the perspective of online education delivery such as Live Classroom, White Board, Screen Sharing, Registration Control, Multiple device access, Distributed instructor and student base, Course calendars,  Recorded class sessions, Tutorial Videos as VOD, Assessment, and Testing, Grading and Scoring for the overall management of an Institution/University. The Vu2Learn platform has been designed to be ultra-light on bandwidth for the Indian environment using state of the art WebRTC and peer to peer network distribution technologies and allows students access to the platform through mobile phones or laptops with less than 1 Mbps bandwidth, without having to download any bandwidth-hungry user app.



Amid the concerns of security and intrusion of hackers world over while using some of the popular web/mobile-based apps Vu2Learn is highly secure through its robust architecture. Vu2Learn live classes use TLS v1.2 Certificate and 2048bit RSA Key with SHA-256 Signature Algorithm. Besides, the use of industry-neutral and technologies like LDAP, SAML2, and SAT Authentication are also available for institutions.

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The company undertook a pilot with over 50 top ranking public and private universities, colleges, and schools in India. Many of them are currently running trials and are customizing for their specific requirements. With online delivery of education becoming new normal in the post-Covid world, Vu2Learn hopes to reach out to the global frontiers as well.

Fully hosted in the cloud environment and also on-premise, Vu2Learn is available as ‘Software as a Service’ solution, and expensive hardware/software are not required to run the system. Using this on standard laptops, desktop machines, mobile phones, and tablets along with optional use of digital pens making Vu2Learn the most practical solution today.

“Vu2learn has been built ground up keeping the needs of universities, schools, and colleges in mind, and is not an add-on extension of an enterprise video conferencing cum messaging platform as in the case of many competitive products. In the days to come, Vu2Vu India will introduce more cutting-edge technologies for the EdTech sector apart from addressing the telemedicine sector in India and abroad,” adds Shah.



Established in 2004, LAMHAS was conceived with a promise to make India a leading competitor in the satellite teleport space and moved into digital IP delivery and cloud-based software solutions with SAAS delivery models over the years. Today LAMHAS is a premier integrated service provider for the media industry in India and is foraying into sunrise sectors like EdTech. LAMHAS has availed the digital opportunity to provide the most updated and user-friendly digital solutions for Education, OTT Services, News-Gathering, Sports, and Special Events, as well as assisting business, corporate sector and education institutions with Live Streaming, Video Conferencing, Vu2Learn LMS and Webinar solutions to remove the hindrance of place and time.

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About Vu2Vu™

India Vu2Vu™ India Pvt Ltd., a partnership between Vu2Vu™ Ireland Ltd. and Lamhas Satellite Services Ltd., provides videoconferencing services to facilitate fast and effective communication between people, wherever they are in the world, making use of latest technology and adopting a cloud-based service model. Vu2Vu™ contributes to the “getting smaller” experience.

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