What is Digital Photography? Difference between Photography & Digital Photography

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Hello Friends, Today we going to discuss Digital Photography. So What do you understand by It? How it is different from normal photography? Here we will get answers to all your questions.

Photographer is a type of photography that is done by cameras which consist of arrays of electronic photodetectors to capture images focused by a lens, as opposed to exposure to photographic film. In a simple language, DG Photography is a digital process by which an image is captured.

There are several types of Photography such as

Portrait photography
Landscape/Travel Photography
Still Life Photography
Wildlife /Animal Photography
Fashion Photography

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There are two types of Digital Cameras which is suitable for Digital Photography

1. Non-SLR cameras: In this type of Cameras lens are attached to the body of cameras. They are point cameras and shoot cameras.

2. SLR cameras: In this type of Cameras Lena are changeable as per requirement. They consist of setting to change the different effects of lights.

Difference Between Photography & Digital Photography

Photography is a huge filed of clicking, editing, reproducing, & Storing images. On the other hand, depends on electronic sensors which produce a digital bit pattern as the image. DG photography more rather than only film-based cameras.

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