What are the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing? How can I get a Digital Marketing Certificate?

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

What are the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing? How does it work? Where we can do a certificate digital marketing course? Today we are going to answer all these questions about Digital Marketing. Persons who are working in the IT industry are familiar with the term Digital Marketing. It is important, either you are a small business owner or a part of a multinational company. If you are running an online business, Digital Marketing plays an important role in enhancing your product marketing at an online platform. It will increase number of new customers, and clints on your website portal. Digital Marketing will help you in building strategies about what you want to improve and what not to do in your online business.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Difference Between Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is totally different from traditional marketing. The traditional style of marketing should take place through TV Ads., Radio, Print, etc. but these sources are not feasible for online marketing. They won’t work in enhancing your online business. You need to do require modern technologies for boosting up your online traffic by increasing clickable adds, social media profiles, etc. Digital Marketing deals with SEO, SMO, Search Engines, Content management, Google AdWords, etc. It is used for increasing google friendly activities on your web portal which increases your number of visitors and ranking at Google.

How Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Works?

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the most important part of Digital Marketing. The content you are publishing on your website either consists of a proper keyword or not. The keyword will be decided on the basis of the public search result. The content you are going to publish must be well optimized with high volume keywords. It will help in fast indexing and improve the ranking of your content on Google.

SMO (Social Media Marketing)

After indexing, you may require to do marketing of your content at an online social media platform. It will help to reach maximum people as per targeting audiences. It will create awareness about your product in the market. You can do marketing of your product at some of the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Content Strategy & Marketing

Before creating content, you need to do your homework first. You may be required to do proper research on keywords and topics. The topic on which you are going to write must be popular between users. Keyword placement should be proper in your content. Select the best timing for publishing your content which may help your content to reach the maximum audience. All these things will be taught in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

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