What is Reverse Engineering?

What is Reverse Engineering
What is Reverse Engineering

What is Reverse Engineering?

Today I am going to talk about What is Reverse Engineering? I hope you guys have heard about this concept. Let me clear you in simple terms.

It involves reversing a machine code back into the source code that it was written in using programming languages. This process is named as such because it involves working backward through the original design process.

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The purpose of reverse engineering is to facilitate the maintenance work by improving the understandiability of a system and to produce the necessary documents for a legacy system. It requires a series of steps to gather precise information on project dimensions. Often, engineers will enhance the design through the scratch or sometimes, they will replicate the original model exactly.

To understand what is reverse engineering? more in detail go through the definition given by IEEE. Reverse Engineering is a critical set of techniques and tools for understanding what software is really all about. Formally it’s a subject system to identify the system components and their interrelationship and to create a representation of the system in another form or at a higher level of abstraction.

Reverse engineering in software’s may use several tools like to disassemble a program. One tool is a hexadecimal dumper, which prints or displays the binary numbers of a program in a hexadecimal format. By knowing the bit pattern that represents the process instructions and instruction length one can easily identify certain portions of a program to see how they work. To learn more about this you can visit Easyshiksha Online Courses.

Another tool is a disassambler that reads the binary code and then displays each executable instruction in text form. It cannot tell the difference between an executable instruction and the data used by the program so a debugger is used, which allows the disassambler to avoid disassembling the data portions of a program.

so also use in a mechanical product for analyzing dimensions and attributes of products be it an aircraft, ship, vehicle, computer or piece of industrial machinery. You take measurements of width, length and height key components of product by using 3D scanning technologies to make these kinds of measurements.

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